ASEAN-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event in Thailand

Creating AGRI-TECH and FARM-TECH that will enhance the better Thai agricultural sector.

Message from Leadership

Mr. Ratchakrit Sanguancheewin,
Business Value Creation Division Manager

At SIAM KUBOTA Corporation, we believe that collaboration is the key to drive innovation in the farming industry. That's why we are excited to support the co-creation fast track initiative and start-up events that bring together experts from across the agricultural ecosystem to drive positive change.
Through these partnerships, we are able to leverage the latest technology and best practices to develop innovative solutions that address the challenges facing farmers and their communities. From precision agriculture to sustainable farming practices, we are committed to supporting initiatives that drive real impact and create lasting change.
We believe that by working together, we can unlock the full potential of agricultural technology and create a brighter future for farmers and consumers alike.
We are proud to be a part of this movement, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with our partners to drive positive change in the farming industry.

kubota’s Challenge

Challenge 1 : How do we create technology or solution for checking the most optimum harvesting readiness for high value crops (e.g. durian) in order to generate lowest lost in yield and generate highest profit throughout value chains?
(Detail : In Thailand, the export values of high value crop especially in durian varies from year to year, but it has been increasing steadily over the past decade due to growing demand from international markets. But one of the problems that generate huge lost to us is that we can not precisely identify the optimum period of ripeness which ultimately negatively affect us to have lost for about 6.5 billion in export value as a whole. We are open to any kind of solutions that help us solve this problem.)
Challenge 2 : How do we create solution to protect against pest and plant diseases via UV light technology?
(Detail : The technology that uses of UV lights to reduce pests in agriculture is called UV radiation pest control. It involves using UV light to sterilize or kill pests, such as insects, mites, and fungi, in agricultural environments. One of the benefits of UV radiation pest control is that it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It does not leave any harmful residues or require the use of chemicals that can contaminate the environment.)
Challenge 3 : How do we solve customers problem in weed removal process with zero chemical use?
(Detail : This could involve machines or the implements that use computer vision and machine learning algorithms to identify and selectively remove weeds from crops.)
Collaboration Needs
  • Solution 1 : Technologies or AI that can check the most optimum harvesting readiness of high value crops (e.g. durian) for famers and/or stakeholders.
  • Solution 2 : Developing methology and equipment to attach with Tractor by using UV light technology for protection against pest and plant diseases in field.
  • Solution 3 : Developing automatic weeding machine/equipment to attach with kubota machinery.
Opportunity Opprotunity to be a our partner to co-create new innovation and solution for Agri sector.
Assets/Support Support resources that necessary for create solution and proof of concept.

About kubota

SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. (SKC) was established on August 2, 2010 with a registered capital of 2,739 million baht. It is a joint venture between KUBOTA Corporation (Japan) and SCG (Siam Cement Group) aiming to enhance its business potential to be the leader in agricultural machinery innovation in Asia, and emphasize its leadership in sustainable agriculture development.

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