Indonesia-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event 2023

Digital Innovation to Empower 3 Pillars of Smart Cities: Smart Living, Smart Mobility & Smart Environment

Message from Leadership

Partner at Living Lab Ventures

As the investment arm of Sinarmas Land, one of Asia's leading property developers, Living Lab Ventures (LLV) is committed to identifying and nurturing innovative startups that align with our core values of sustainability, technology, and community. Through Japan-ASEAN Fast Track Indonesia, we invite startups to co-create innovative solutions that shape the future of smart cities through three key pillars: Smart Living, Smart Mobility and Smart Environment.

Sinarmas's Challenge

1. Smart Living
What innovative approaches can be adopted to promote physical and mental well-being among urban populations and fostering healthy lifestyles?
How can we use technologies to create a more convenient and efficient ways of living? (i.e: on-demand home service, creating smart lifestyle platform, community super apps, etc)
2. Smart Mobility
How can we improve urban mobility and reduce traffic congestion, while minimizing environmental impact and ensuring equitable access to transportation options?
How can we build an efficient on-demand public transport service?
3. Smart Environment
What innovative solutions can be introduced to address the increasing demand for sustainable water and/or waste management in residential areas of BSD City?
How can we enhance the safety and security in BSD City, implementing advanced tracking systems and secure facilities?
How can we improve building monitoring systems and ensure their reliable functioning in BSD City?
Collaboration Needs

Startups that offer city-centric solutions (Smart Living, Smart Mobility and Smart Environment) that could co-innovate with LLV in Sinar Mas Land ecosystem

  1. Leverage Sinar Mas Land Ecosystem (residential, office, commercial & public area) and conduct Proof of Concept/pilot project with relevant Sinar Mas Land business units
  2. Co-create a new innovation platform
  3. Early-stage investment opportunity from Living Lab Ventures
  1. In-house venture building team that specialized in commercial, investment, marketing, tech and product development
  2. Access permit (for PoC/pilot project) when required within BSD City area

About Sinarmas

Living Lab Ventures (LLV) is an investment arm and innovation platform of Sinarmas Land, a prominent property developer based in Asia. Since 2021, LLV has invested in more than 20 Indonesian startups across different sectors, from prop-tech, electric vehicle to waste management. As a "living lab," LLV provides a collaborative environment where startups, industry experts, and multiple stakeholders can come together to test and develop innovative city-centric solutions that can build cities of the future.

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