Indonesia-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event 2023

Pioneering better patient care and experience with excellent clinical outcome through leveraging digital health technologies (i.e., Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) / NPL) and real time health data

Message from Lippo&Siloam

Charles Wonsono
Senior General Manager, Strategy and Business Effectiveness

Healthcare industry is evolving rapidly and is more open to integration of technology advancement. Digital transformation of the industry raise opportunities for cutting-edge healthcare innovations leveraging Artificial Intelligentce (AI), virtual realty (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT), to name a few. The techologies holds promising potential for more accessible and effective healthcare system.

Siloam Hospitals Group strives to catalyze and accelerate the healthcare industry transformation through technology integration with the objective to ensure best clinical outcome through advancements of health systems. Furthermore, Siloam also aspire to fosters inclusivity, providing better access to all patients across the country. We would like to invite startups to reimagine the technology enabled future for healthcare and drive meaningful impact together.

Lippo&Siloam's Challenge

1. Accurate Patient Bill Estimation
Patients are provided with billing estimation during the pre-treatment stage in our hospitals. The billing estimation is processed from historical billing data which involves highly manual processes including historical data validation, referral detail, payment method, etc. This approach is time consuming & often result in large deviation compared to the actual bill.
How could technology, automation & data analytics help reduce time spent & improve billing estimation accuracy?
2. Improving clinical outcomes for patients
Implementation of technology, big data analysis and AI/ML has enabled improvements in many areas. Clinical outcome remains the core in which hospitals strives to induce positive changes in health or quality of life resulting from hospitals care and services.
How might technology advancements improve clinical outcomes by harnessing real-time patient data for accurate analysis and projection, and enabling preventive/predictive measures towards greater clinical outcomes?
3. Driving traffic to hospitals through analysis of real-time capacity utilization data
Like in other industries, one challenge hospitals face is on maximization of capacity utilization of our facilities and equipment (Doctors appointments, beds, laboratory, radiology, etc.).
How can Healthcare Services utilize these real-time capacity utilization data to drive traffic to our facilities and maximize profitability through implementation of dynamic pricing and targeted marketing done through our omnichannel network (website, social media, contact center, etc.)?
Collaboration Needs
1. Accurate Patient Bill Estimation
Generate an effective and accurate Estimated Total Bill Size (ETBS) System by:
  1. Utilizing historical patient data
  2. Leverage automated data processing and analytics to improve estimation accuracy and processing time
  3. Improving patient referrals conversion
2. Improving clinical outcomes for patients
Integration of historical references, real-time data processing & artifical intelligence to enhance clinical operations towards greater clinical outcomes:
  1. Implement real-time monitoring technology embedded to AI-backed analysis system
  2. Improve predictive care/needs, mortality risk management, critical prioritization, and admission-discharge suggestion for monitored patients to avoid short-term patient re-admission
  3. Apply machine learning to continuously study historical medical data & disease pattern to provide meaningful suggestions to clinicians
3. Driving traffic to hospitals through analysis of real-time capacity utilization data
We are looking for potential solutions/partner that will enable us to: a. Identify, tabulate and quantify capacity utilization rate of all our facilities and equipment in real-time
  1. Identify, tabulate and quantify capacity utilization rate of all our facilities and equipment in real-time
  2. Drive traffic to our facilities based on the capacity utilization rate data, database and current business processes
  3. Implement dynamic pricing/new pricing strategy, along with targeted marketing done through our omnichannel network
  1. Opportunity to embed nation-wide solutions network of Siloam Hospitals Group across patient segments and various areas in Indonesia
  2. Co-design, prototype and market-test novel solutions to potentially solve global needs
  3. Access to potential long-term strategic and commercial partnership
  1. Unparalleled subject matter expertise, market knowledge and operational know-how of the Healthcare Industry in Indonesia
  2. Insights on healthcare industry and its operations
  3. Potential funding for pilot project or proof of concept

About Siloam Hospitals Group

PT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk (“Siloam Hospitals”) is a network of private hospitals in Indonesia committed to providing high quality health services in Indonesia. Starting business in 1996, Siloam Hospitals currently manages and operates 41 hospitals, consisting of 15 hospitals in the Greater Jakarta area and 26 hospitals spread across the islands of Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, Nusa Tenggara and Ambon. Siloam Hospitals Group also operates 66 Siloam Clinics.

Siloam Hospitals' vision is to provide international quality healthcare and reach all levels of society on a national scale based on Godly compassion which is the basis for Siloam Hospitals to respond to the dynamic social transformation in Indonesia. Siloam Hospitals' mission is to be the trusted choice for world-class holistic healthcare, health education and research.

Siloam Hospitals is the pioneer of Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation for hospitals in Indonesia. JCI is an international accreditation agency based in the United States that focuses on improving the quality of health care and patient safety.

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