ASEAN-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event in Indonesia

Establishing infrastructure to support the healthy growth of MSMEs

Message from Leadership

Haruka Ikegami, Head of Saison Indonesia

We at Credit Saison Group are honored to have this opportunity to participate in ASEAN-Japan Fast Track Pitch in Indonesia and to discuss solutions to the challenges we commonly identify with many startups in ASEAN, Japan and more. Furthermore, our group views financial inclusion as a key mission of our global business and looks forward to working with more startups to solve problems and bring financial inclusion to as many people & enterprises as possible.

Credit Saison’s Challenge

Challenges Establishing infrastructure to support the healthy growth of MSMEs
Challenge 1: Visualization by Digitization and Quantification
・How do we digitalize and quantify business related information with greater accuracy and precision?
Challenge 2: Management Resources
・How do we provide affordable access to an advanced level of management resources (people, goods, money, information, and time) that is essential for healthy growth?
Challenge 3: Capital and Funding
・How do we optimize the financial condition of the business to provide resources, information, knowledge, and analysis for capital and funding.
Collaboration Needs Solution 1: MSME Customer Base
・The MSME customer base needsed to solve the existing challenges and identify solutions that can reach more potential MSME customers.
Solution 2: Provided Resources
・The resources necessary to solve the challenges are already available to the MSME customer and/or a platform exists that can provide the resources.
Solution 3: Capital and Funding Support
・Capital and Funding support services are already available to MSME customers and/or platforms exist that can support the capital and funding.
  • Opportunity to leverage on our diverse resources in Indonesia and globally to support startups scale up.
  • Opportunity to collaborate with startups to offer their solutions / services / products together to for our customers in Indonesia and globally.
  • Opportunity to provide financial services (Payment, Lending, Settelement, etc.) to customers through their platform.
Assets/Support Global resources and netrwork in Asia, LATAM and other regions.

About Credit Saison

Credit Saison Co., Ltd.
Since it began issuing credit cards over 40 years ago in 1982, Credit Saison has grown to occupy a unique position in the credit-card industry and has over 36 million credit card holders in Japan. As a cutting-edge service business, Credit Saison has generated a steady stream of innovative products and services that overturn conventional thinking while maintaining a consistently customer-oriented approach. 
PT. Saison Modern Finance
PT. Saison Modern Finance promotes financial inclusion by working with partners to provide financial products, solutions, and services to underserved customers who do not receive adequate financial support from traditional financial institutions in Indonesia.
Saison Capital Pte. Ltd.
Saison Capital is an early-stage venture capital fund (pre-seed to Series B) with a focus on emerging markets. They are backed by Credit Saison, a Tokyo-listed 30B AUM consumer finance company with extensive financial services across Asia.