ASEAN-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event in Indonesia

Digital Expansion for Bus Shuttle through AI Demand Prediction/Fleet Safety Enhancement with Advanced Surveillance Monitoring

Message from Leadership

Chief of Strategy Officer

Andrew Arristianto:
Recovering from pandemic, passenger mobilization continues to increase in which intra and intercity transportation plays a key role in pushing the recovery and demand creation. This encourages business companies, mainly transportation operator, to create a mode of shuttle transportation that supports the needs of this.
Bluebird Group, as the leading land transportation company in Indonesia that has been established for 51 years, continues to grow by looking for every opportunity that exists. One of Bluebird's strategy to be the go-to mobility solution is by expanding to executive shuttle service. Cititrans is the major shuttle operator in Indonesia, has officially joined the Bluebird Group in 2019, leading in Indonesia's key areas in Java.
We are committed to grow Cititrans, to serve more customers by continously enhancing our service quality and improving customers' journey. #setiapkilometerberarti

Blue Bird’s Challenge


Challenge 1

  1. How do we widen up current shuttle route in big cities?
  2. How we can cater to smaller cities with exisiting supply (mixed supply, mixed route, etc)
  3. How to increase utilization rate while maintaining a dependable and accurate information regarding shuttle timely arrival and departure?
  4. How do we set dynamic pricing, to maximize potential revenue when there is no strong competitor in a particular area and can recommend price due to peak event

Challenge 2

How do we minimize the risk of accidents and take proactive measures to ensure the safety of their drivers and customers by:

  • Early detection
  • Alert system
  • Real time monitor
Collaboration Needs

Challenge 1

Technology/software that can help to see:

  1. Demand prediction for BB to develop new routes, new pick up point, new schedule
  2. Pricing engine, recommendation for pricing strategy adjusted to specific hour/day/event (i.e., traffic hour, holiday season, etc)<

Challenge 2


  1. Driver: Advanced vehicle surveillance solution that utilizes telematics and integrated video technology for effective fleet and driver management (face detection to monitor driver fatigue detection, smoking, phone call, leave/back on duty, etc.)
  2. Road: AI and analytics based that can classify road events (forward/headway/pedestrian collision warning, lane warning, etc), and alert system to prevent potentially dangerous factors during the trip
  3. Dashboard for real time monitoring and playback video
  1. Opportunity to support startup in scaling up by use of business case and market reach
  2. Opportunity to embed solutions in Bluebird's product portfolio
  3. Opportunity to gain access and leverage our wide innovation ecosystem of partners globally
  1. Business mentor
  2. Funding support
  3. Knowledge and insights on how transportation industry operates nationally

About Blue Bird

PT Blue Bird Tbk. (“BIRD”) is a publicly listed company in the land passenger transportation sector that operates in 18 locations in Indonesia (Jadetabek, Cilegon, Medan, Manado, Bandung, Palembang, Padang, Pangkalpinang, Batam, Bali, Lombok , Semarang, Surabaya, Pekanbaru, Makassar, Balikpapan, Solo and Yogyakarta). Blue Bird is committed to providing safe, reliable, and convenient land transport services with easy access for customers. The Company’s extensive distribution network covers more than 600 exclusive pick-up points in hotels, malls, shopping centers, and other locations. The expansion of accessibility is further strengthened by the presence of MyBluebird ordering application, which now has 20 of the latest features and a variety of transaction methods to support the ease and convenience of mobility.