Indonesia-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event 2023

Hyper-personalized banking on mobile banking platform

Message from Leadership:Danamon

Ardiansyah Solaiman
New Venture & Planning

Rapid digitization of the banking sector has provided opportunity for traditional Indonesian banks to serve a large untapped population of young, mass market segment. However, it also proliferates new generations of natively digital competitors. One-size fits all banking services are no longer enough.
In a quest to redefine our value proposition, Danamon is pursuing (1) ecosystem acquisition: BaaS API enabled onboarding and access to experiencing basic banking services directly on partner ecosystem; and (2) hyper-personalized engagement: PFM enabled micro segmentation, offering life-journey based features, products and programs to deepen relationship

Message from Leadership:Adira

Manuel D Irwanputera
Head of Digital Business

Rapid digitization of the financing and lending sector has provided opportunity for unbanked population and young mass market segment to have access and easier to get lending. However, those market already expose to P2P lending and Online Lending with easy and fast process for them to be able to get the lending or being financed.
Adira as one of the leading MFC which already start our digitization since 2017 is keen to enter digital segment market and give easy process for user since we are Customer Centric MFC.

To strengthen our existent in Digital Market, Adira is pursuing Easy Digital Onboarding for user.

Danamon's Challenge

  1. Low engagement rates: a large proportion of our young, mass market customer does not yet use our banking app despite extensive banking feature development
  2. High churn rates: of those who have registered to use the app, only a small fraction is actively transacting – attrition rate is critically high
Collaboration Needs
  1. The ability to create a personalized onboarding & activation journey based on demographic information and financial goals
  2. The ability to make micro segmentation, trigger point identification & tailored product, feature & promotional nudges based on demographic information and transaction history
  3. The ability to create a personalized money management recommendation and automate savings/investments based on user’s financial goals
  1. Contribute to the digital transformation of Danamon – one of Indonesia’s largest, oldest bank and a portfolio of MUFG
  2. Considered for startup funding and equity investment
  1. Resources and market-driven mentorship to develop proof of concept with our digital banking, IT and business team
  2. Access to our customer base

Adira's Challenge

Challenges Collateral Assesment Using ML and AI - capture, scan, detect and give valuation of  collaterals ( eg Used Car, Used Motocycle) :
  • Type
  • Type
  • Year
  • Condition (% from perfect condition)
  • and other related important features
Collaboration Needs To provide tech-base-solution and (optional) to provide services.
Opportunity To be awarded as the Technology Partner for Collateral Assesment.
Assets/Support Knowledge and Data on Regular Assesment method and Production data to be explored, and User Test environment for finding the solution.

About Bank Danamon:Danamon

strength, expertise and network to serve our customers and facilitate Danamon's growth in realizing long-term value for all stakeholders. interests. Danamon received an award No.1 in SLE Index 2021 category for BUKU IV Bank from the 2021 Satisfaction Loyalty Engagement Awards by Marketing Research Indonesia and Infobank. Danamon also won first place at the 9th Infobank Digital Brand Awards 2020 in the category of BUKU IV Conventional Commercial Banks. In the international arena, Bank Danamon has also been named Best Digital Bank Indonesia at the Asiamoney Best Bank Award 2020. Bank Danamon also received the Asia Traiblazer 2020 award from Retail Banking International titled Highly Commended in Best Digital Banking Initiative category. In addition, Bank Danamon received the 2020 DX Gamechanger award from IDC for corporate digital transformation.

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About Bank Danamon:Adira

Adira Finance has become a leading company in the financing sector that serves a variety of brands and products. Adira Finance has operated 461 business networks throughout Indonesia, supported by around 17 thousand employees, to serve around 1.8 million consumers with total managed receivables reached around Rp 48 trillion.
Adira Finance won multiple awards such as 1st Best Over All Multifinance of 11the Digital Brand Awards 2022 from Infobank, Digital Marketing Award 2022 for Motorcycle and Cars category from Marketing Magazine, Indonesia PR Top Leader Awards 2022 from Warta Ekonomi, also IDX Channel Anugerah CSR Award 2022 – Appreciation for CSR programs that have an impact on business, society and the environment in times of economic improvement.

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