Indonesia-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event 2023

Providing new values of consumption experience through digital apps merges with real shopping malls

Message from Leadership

Kaori Hirata
Senior General Manager, New Business Development, PT. AEON MALL INDONESIA

For many years, AEON MALL has developed shopping malls in Japan and other Asian countries and has enriched the lives of local communities and customers. Since opening the first shopping mall in Indonesia in 2015, it has been loved by local customers and expanded its business. Although the demands of people's lives have changed with the times, the delight of gathering and having a meal with familiy, and the joy and gralness of reuniting and chatting with friends remains unchanged.
We will evolve shopping malls, where people gather, into places that are more comfortable and convenient to use with digital tools through support and co-creation with startups.

AEON MALL's Challenge

Challenges The pandemic has changed people's lifestyles to more understand and enjoy the online shopping experience. Omnichannel is a term used in ecommerce and retail to describe a business strategy that aims to provide a seamless shopping experience across all channels, including in store, mobile, and online. We aim to build a new business model by solving this challenge.
  1. Collaboration with e-commerce Startup to have Aeon Mall page in the market place that contains existing tenants to sell online and have program to pickup offline to get more special price. The Omni channel should integrate with existing Aeon Mall mobile apps to raise the new user and customer loyalty program; and integrate with TMS (tenant mobile apps) to record the online sales also.
  2. Reaching new customers is important besides maintain the engagement for existing customers. As new customer is not familiar with tenant’s location, tenant variant, favorite brand and facility inside mall, or perhaps existing customer who boring and going to mall with no idea to shop and to do. They need good specific recommendation based on their gender, age, hobby, needed items, with whom their going, etc. We also can recommend our community class activities for whom never join. We want them to exlpore our shopping program and tenant’s promotion.
Collaboration Needs AEON MALL INDONESIA (hereinafter AMI) doesn’t have online license and payment gateway and don’t have plan to have it in the near future, the startup need to able give solution on these matter and legally safety.
AMI has customer data in its mobile apps, the startup need to optimize the usage of it as first target market and develop to increase the leverage of market.
Need to be able in managing available stock of product in offline & online store.
The integration with existing AMI mobile apps and TMS (tenant mobile apps) are needed.
Need to be able to match what’s customer need with what AMI have.
  1. More deep discussion with Startup to develop the Omni Channel and recommendation feature, including the collaboration needs in 5 malls in Indonesia.
  2. AMI is growing mall developer not only in Indonesia, but also the growing Aeon Mall in ASEAN, China and Japan that the well solution can be brought to other countries.
  3. Aeon Mall growth trends is about DX (Digital Transformation) then the future digital projects also will become opportunity.
  4. Opportunity to Aeon Group companies not only shopping mall. The affiliated companies in Indonesia are retail, financial service, kids amusement and facility management industries.
  1. Resources and mentorship support.
  2. Access to 5 malls asset for opportunity checking.
  3. Access to our customer database/customer insights.
  4. Access to our tenant database.

About Aeon Mall

AEON MALL is a Life Design Developer that works with communities and produces ways of living for the future. Our philosophy of putting the customer first has guided our continuing efforts to create malls that enhance the quality of life, stimulate local economic activity and contribute to community life and culture. AEON MALL cooperates in the building of communities that are exciting, fun to live in and vibrant. We will use our skills to bring new value and attractiveness to communities, society and customers. Currently has 201 shopping mall which 166 located in Japan and 35 in ASEAN and China.

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