TAKUMI NEXT : Essence of Japan, the globe-trotting showcase of Japanese skill and craftsmanship has arrived in Abu Dhabi. The Popup store will feature 10 curated products that run the spectrum of Japan’s esteemed crafts: from paper, ceramics, fabrics, to advanced metal and glass making and more.
Japan is known for its traditions of art and craftsmanship, from expertly crafted traditional goods to cutting edge technology. This project introduces the new generation of Japanese artisans, as they use their rich cultural heritage and strong background in traditional techniques to utilize the local resources efficiently and sustainably, producing handcrafted goods of exceptional quality and artistry, to answer the needs of the modern world with a distinct Japanese spirit.
The pop-up store is located at the Ocha Cafe Sakura, The Galleria Mall, and will run until 28 February 2023.

Pleated Dish

  • Fun, colorful pleated dish that can be made into different shapes and used in various creative ways
  • Made using the traditional Japanese pleating technique. Turning the flat paper into a flexible three dimensional shape
  • The pleating technique, which is normally used for clothes, is used here with paper, making this product ultimately unique
  • Winner of the Grand Prix at the Kyoto Gift Show Souvenir Contest and the IF Design Award in 2022
  • Tsuji Syoten was founded in 1910. It produces traditional Kaishi paper and develops innovative products for various uses

Tokoname Teapot Sakura Crest with Openwork

  • Handcrafted by the artist ‘Shun-en’, well-known for his unique technique of openwork carving, with a beautiful contrast between painted and carved cherry blossoms
  • Made in Tokoname, famous for its centuries-old pottery traditions
  • Tokoname teapots are recognized as the best in Japan. Tea brewed in them is said to have an enhanced, sweeter and milder flavor
  • The delicate clay strainer ensures the pure flavor of the tea is not affected by using metal strainers
  • Seikado Corporation specializes in Japanese porcelain and pottery, with a mission to introduce Japan’s exquisite traditional crafts to the world

HOYA POT Coffee Drip Pot with Leather Wrap

  • Elegant artisanal coffee pot made from heat resistant borosilicate glass
  • Individually hand-blown by master glass makers. Each pot is unique, due to slight variation during hand-making
  • Leather strap designed by URUKST, can be removed for easy cleaning
  • The pot has a capacity of 450-500 ml, and works with commercially available drippers
  • Koizumi Glass Works was founded in Tokyo in 1912. The company has been manufacturing high quality, reaction and heat-resistant glass for use in laboratories. Now it’s taking advantage of these desirable qualities and skilled craftsmanship to make stunning homeware

Yagasuri & Seigaiha

  • Masterfully crafted “Happi” Japanese traditional costume. Can be worn as a cardigan, coat, or loungewear
  • Made from premium quality cotton, and expertly sewn and dyed. Fading enhances the color dye after years of use to become a one-of-a-kind item
  • In the “Seigaiha” pattern. The blue ocean waves represent the blessings of the sea. The large, spreading waves represent the wish for a peaceful life
  • In the “Yagasuri” pattern. The arrow pattern is meant to keep misfortune away and to shoot happiness through
  • Surprise Creative offers one-of-a-kind original designs. Using japan’s traditional methods and beautiful fabrics adapted to modern lifestyles

Tatami Coaster

  • Handmade coasters created in collaboration with traditional Tatami craftsmen. Made from natural materials and water resistant
  • Beautiful miniature tatami including an intricately weaved fabric edge
  • Tatami mats have been a key part of Japanese culture, design, and even sport, being traditional flooring in Japan throughout history. Tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and judo have developed on tatami mat
  • Kuboki was founded in 1740, and has been working with tatami craftsmen for the past 280 years. As lifestyles in Japan evolved, Kuboki’s mission has become the preservation of tatami culture for future generations, and the adaptation of this precious craft to modern demands

Sashiko Kitchen Towel

  • Charming kitchen towel made using Japanese traditional stitching “Sashiko”, with a striking intricate pattern
  • Sashiko is a type of traditional Japanese embroidery or stitching used for the decorative and/or functional reinforcement of cloth and clothing
  • Made with 4-layer gauze,making it durable and highly absorbent.
  • Dyed in traditional indigo-blue color
  • Lunaire is a family owned Japanese bedding company, founded in Osaka in 1925, with a belief in the importance of good sleep for mental and physical health. It has an established network of artisans and a wide product selection to include a variety of Interior fabrics and pottery

Titanium Double Wall Tumbler Kamatsukuri

  • Dazzling titanium tumblers with a stunning crystalline finish
  • Created in a kiln at a temperature of 10550C, it has a silky smooth surface, that’s pleasant to hold and fingerprint resistant
  • Double-walled tumbler that keeps drinks hot or cold for longer
  • Tumblers are tough, rust-resistant and durable
  • HORIE uses advanced research and engineering to develop and manufacture original products. The company has been studying and working with titanium since 1988, and aims to harness the characteristics of the material to it’s fullest extent to gives the product more value and appeal, resulting in the creation of unique products exclusive to HORIE

Color & Design Change Cat Mug Cup

  • Fun magic mug that changes the design when filled with a hot drink
  • Gorgeous Japanese pattern designs appear at temperatures above 45°C and disappear at room temperature
  • Skillfully handmade from famous Mino porcelain with a beautiful glaze
  • Because of the artisanal nature of the glaze, long exposure to direct sunlight, and scrubbers or abrasives should be avoided
  • Marumo Takagi was founded in 1887 in Tajimi City, the production center of renowned Mino ware, which has a history of about 1,300 years. The company also develops completely new vessels that fuse tradition with the latest technology and incorporate temperature into their designs

OEDO / ihana

  • Charming, colorful chopsticks crafted from sustainable Japanese Cedar
  • Non-slip, durable and dishwasher-safe. Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • The designs of “ihana” are inspired by the beautiful natural scenery, the four seasons with their ever-changing expressions, and their simple beauty that moves our hearts
  • The designs of OEDO are inspired by patterns born during the EDO period in Japan (17th-19th century), and the EDO spirit of cherishing all things
  • Style Of Japan aims to combine 400 years of history and traditional technology with modern functionality and design. With products that are clean, organic, and sustainable, locally sourced and made in Japan

Asanomi Face Towel

  • Gorgeous towels with contrasting woven patterns between back and front
  • Made using the Senshu towel production technique, which results in whiter, more absorbent towels
  • Combines traditional auspicious patterns such as the motif of the fan, which represents development and prosperity, and the turtle, which symbolizes longevity, in addition to the hemp plant often associated with the meaning of a healthy growth for children and the warding off of evil
  • Fukuroya Towel was founded in 1926 near Osaka. Using the Senshu technique, it develops a wide range of skillfully-made, sustainable, eco-friendly products that use natural plant-based dyes


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Store Location

Takumi Next Popup Store
Ocha Cafe Sakura
Inside Kinokuniya Bookstore
Level 3-4, The Galleria,
Al Maryah Island
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: +971 50 510 6183