1. Lindera umbellata Shochu :Hikimi Wooshow Mori-no-Ka

    Ordinally lindera umbellata is known as high grade toothpick to cut Japanese cake. And is also known as harbal medicine. Its botaical flavor is so remarkable that those who had a try became fascinated. Alcohol 40% is available.

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  2. Wasabi shochu Wasabi

    Rare shocu made from Wasabi. Wasabi is essential for Japanese dishes. This unique, sharp,and very stimulative taste make it remarkable and popular.

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  3. Honkaku Imo shochu Sextushuu-no-Sato

    This is made from sweet potatoes which are made by those who have disabilities and live in our local society. Originally we're Sake factory. So with the way of making shochu is tipical of sake. And it makes this shochu nicer and mellow.

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Company Profile

Company Name
Year founded
5-7 Someba-cho, Masuda-shi, Shimane, Japan
https://www.kikuyasaka.co.jpExternal site: a new window will open.
Company outline
We've produced Shochu in full scale since 1998. With our motto :"Making from local foodstuff, we'll hope to contribute our area", we produce various kinds of shochu from WASABI(horse raddish), Chest nuts, Sweet potatoes, Lindera umbellata and so on.
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