Nishinohomare Meijo Co., Ltd.

  1. Barley shochu Yoshitoki

    Oita Barley Shochus Prepared with "Hita Tenryosui called Natulal active hydrogen water." We use approximately three times the volume of the product bottle of "Hita Tenryo Water" in all processes - from the preparation water to the dilution water- with no activated carbon to create these barley shochus that have the sweet fragrance and mellow flavor inherent in barley.

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  2. Barley shochu Eau de vie GOKKUN

    (1)Authentic barley shochu with amber color and sweet aroma stored in oak barrels during the ripening period. (2)By storing for a long period of time, the mouthfeel becomes mellow, and it is easy to drink and can be used as a gift.

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  3. Mugi hitoaji HANATARE

    (1) Rare first dripping born from "Mugi Hitoaji", which is made from high-polished 50% polished barley, gin-zukuri, and freezing point filtration.(2) Put your soul into craftsmanship, a higher-grade swelling scent and a deep round taste

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Company Profile

Company Name
Nishinohomare Meijo Co., Ltd.
Year founded
No.2065-2, Fukushima, Nakatsu-city, Oita-prefecture, 879-0112 Japan
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Company outline
1、This brewary established in 1868 is a subsidary under Hita Tenryosui Co., Ltd. and develops to overseas not only domestic. 2、The shochu made from "Hita Tenryosui called Natulal active hydrogen water" are never used the activated carbon bad influenced for health. Therefore many customers included women select our products.                   
Partner countries of export
China,Hong Kong,Taiwan,Korea

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