Nekka llc

  1. The Nekka Shochu

    The Nekka Shochu is a rice shochu which is made from 100% cultivated rice by our brewery. It has a rich fragrance, and rice flavor can be felt. Yeast contributes a lot to the scent and this drink uses "sparkling yeast" developed in Fukushima prefecture. It can be felt The Nekka Shochu more than about twice the GINJO incense of the other Japanese sake. TWSC 2020 Gold medal. IWSC 2020 Silver medal. CINVE 2019 highest prize. HKIWSC 2018 Gold medal.

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  2. The Megonekka shochu

    A sweet rice shochu made from glutinous rice. Megonekka has a sweet taste, so it can be enjoyed even if it is 20%, and it can be taken by women and people who are not good at drinking.

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  3. The Baganekka Shochu

    The Baganekka shochu is a luxurious rice shochu that uses only polished rice to 60% same as Ginjo-shu of Japanese sake. By milling the rice, the usual aroma is getting higher. (About twice) Rice is made by the brewery and we use ones limited in the field since FY 2017. Kura Master2021 gold medal award. TWSC2020 Shochu gold medal award. CINVE 2019 Shochu silver medal award. IWSC 2018 Shochu silver medal award.

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Company Profile

Company Name
Nekka llc
Year founded
Oki998, Aza, Yanatori, Oaza, Tadami machi, Minamiaizu gun, Fukushima, 9680603, Japan
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Company outline
We only use rice that we 100% grow ourselves. sing this exceptional rice, along with sake brewing technology proudly perfected in Fukushima Prefecture, and shochu distillation know-how, we have created a rice shochu with a rich aroma and rice flavor that is truly unique.
Partner countries of export
Hong Kong

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