Nanto Liquor Corporation

  1. SHO Yaesen

    SHO is a triple distilled awamori that has been released under the same manufacturing methods by 12 different distilleries in Okinawa. This version from Yaesen Distillery has obtained a Bronze medal in the shochu category during the 2020 Tokyo Whisky and Spirits Competition. It presents a sweet scent of almond milk that appears and then slowly fades. SHO Yaesen has a cohesive and mild taste with a slight bitterness. The label's blue color reminds us of Okinawa's beautiful outlying islands.

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  2. Danryu 3 Year Koshu 40%

    Danryu 3-year koshu uses carefully selected koshu (old spirits, aged 3 years or more) that is finished in oak barrels. It is blended with koshu that has been stored in stainless steel tanks. The resulting aroma derived from oak barrels is outstanding, and it is characterized by a sweet scent that goes through the nose and a pleasant finish. Recommended to enjoy it on the rocks as an after dinner drink with sweets such as chocolate.

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  3. Tatsu Gold

    "Tatsu Gold" awamori with its attractive, gold label is a brand that really stands out. The awamori is made from hard water from the Kin Okawa water system. This helps to produce the brand's mild alcohol content of 25% while retaining the flavor of koshu (old liquor). In Okinawa, the mild taste is popular among women and is recommended for those who are starting out with awamori. You can enjoy the deliciousness straight, on-the-rocks, with a splash of water, or as a highball.

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Company Profile

Company Name
Nanto Liquor Corporation
Year founded
277 Kaneku, Nakagami-gun, Nishihara-cho, Okinawa
https://www.nanto-shuhan.comExternal site: a new window will open.
Company outline
Nanto Liquor Corporation is an alcoholic beverage wholesaler based in Okinawa, Japan. We have been in operation since 1979 and maintain a respected position in the prefecture. We handle nearly all Okinawan liquors, including a great variety of Japanese liquor brands from outside the prefecture. We distribute nationally, and also work to export select brands overseas. Our international trade representative is from the United States, so business English is available on a daily basis.
Partner countries of export

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