Made from ‘Koujuku-imo’ sweet potatowith a rich aroma brought out by our original aging ’Koujuku’ method.The special shochu gives out a sweet aroma like that of fresh lychee that no other traditional imo shochu can offer. DAIYAME means in the Kagoshima dialect ‘a refresher after a hard day.’ IWSC2019 SHOCHU Category THE TOP AWARD,ISC2020 SHOCHU Category DOUBLE GOLD

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  2. DAIYAME 40

    From Japan, A Revolutionary New Cocktail Ingredient.The secret behind DAIYAME unique lychee aroma is innovative koujuku method. Satsuma imo with amplified aroma, black koji (rice inoculated with black koji mould) and pristine water from Kagoshima Prefecture’s Shirasu Daichi (pyroclastic plateau) is fermented into a mash, matured and then distilled once at low temperature. Finally, it is chill filtered to extract and further enhance the aromas from the raw ingredients.

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  3. Sasshu Sekitoba

    The special filtering method gives Sekitoba its characteristic features: a light body and rich taste. The mild and mellow texture comes from the water dilution: groundwater of the sacred mountain Mt. Kanmuridake.

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Company Profile

Company Name
Year founded
4-1 Minatomachi, Ichikikushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture 899-2101 JAPAN
https://www.hamadasyuzou.co.jp/enExternal site: a new window will open.
Company outline
Since 1868, we have fought to produce a shochu embodying the essence of authentic Japanese spirits shochu and prevail on the international stage. Formulated under strict FSSC 22000 quality control, we are constantly in search of new possibilities that lie ahead.
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