Goto Retto Shuzo

  1. Goto Mugi

    "Goto Mugi" is a barley shochu that uses all the high quality barley from the Goto islands. It is characterized by the aroma of barley and the mellow taste of aging for 2 years. It is a highly acclaimed shochu that won the first place twice among the approximately 150 brands exhibited at the Fukuoka National Tax Bureau Liquor Appraisal.

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  2. Goto Imo

    ”Goto Imo” are prepared with sweet edible sweet potatoes grown in the Goto islands. It is a very easy-to-drink sweet potato shochu with the rich sweetness of sweet potatoes and the aroma of fruits.

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  3. Goto Imo 40

    "Goto Imo 40" is a sweet potato shochu brewed with sweet potatoes from the Goto islands. You can enjoy the intense sweetness and mellow taste of sweet potatoes. It is a premium sweet potato shochu that Goto Retto Shuzo is proud of.AD29

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Company Profile

Company Name
Goto Retto Shuzo
Year founded
3158 Hamanokuri Miiraku-cho Goto-shi Nagasaki, Japan
Website site: a new window will open.
Company outline
We make shochu using high quality ingredients from the Goto Islands. Using only sweet potatoes, barley, and rice grown in the land of the island, please enjoy the shochu carefully prepared by the island craftsmen while valuing the taste of the ingredients.
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