1. keikou-to-narumo

    It has classic characteristics of mugi shochu but also has rich and deep umami taste which lingers. As a result, it is great in its own right, especially on the rocks or with hot water, but can also be a perfect companion for many dishes, either Japanese or non-Japanese. Exported to Korea and New Zealand.

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  2. Ranbiki 7years

    Taste is mellow and full-bodied of barley and malted rice origin.Rich flover from 7 years aging by barrels and tanks. Enjoy it by various way for example on the rocks, with hot water or soda. Exported to Thailand.

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  3. Jyukuso Ebisugura

    10 years and more various old malts are blended. It is 20% alchol shochu but also has rich and deep flavor. Summer-limited.

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Company Profile

Company Name
Year founded
680-3 Hayashida Haki Asakura-Shi Fkuoka Japan 838-1506
https://www.ranbiki.comExternal site: a new window will open.
Company outline
Basic policy : More than three years of aging shochu professional. Use barley of FKUOKA. Use a mineral-rich groundwater. Brew and distill in-house 100% ※While utilizing the harvest of the region, and continue to be a company rooted in the region. While the aging thema, we will continue to create new charm of shochu.
Partner countries of export
Singapore,Korea,Thailand,New Zealand

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