Chuwa International Corporation

  1. Tokinotabibito Barley

    The raw sake fermented with carefully selected barley and a tasty atmospheric distillation, was stored in several types of oak barrels in a sake brewery with little temperature change. It is a long-term oak barrel storage liquor.We got two stars for the second consecutive year at iTQi.

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  2. Charmes Tateishi

    A soft and refreshing long-term aged "18 percentage" barley Shochu prepared with rice Koji(malt). Charmes, which means "elegance" in French. Please spend a graceful time with Charmes Tateishi.

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  3. Mureduru Oushiki

    Deepen the flavor of barley, and the best balance that the 5th generation considers. This capitalizes on the characteristics of atmospheric distillation to generate a unique, deep flavor with the aroma of toasted barley. Drinking it mixed with hot water is highly recommended. This further enhances the toasted aroma and sweetness.

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Company Profile

Company Name
Chuwa International Corporation
Year founded
1-13-19 Nishikimachi Oita city Oita prefecture 870-0024 Japan
Website site: a new window will open.
Company outline
Chuwa International Corporation stock Japanese Sake, Shochu, and Liqueur of 9 Sake brewery selected carefully from Oita and provide OEM production.There are various brewery such as old ,Sake, Shochu and cave brewery where you can do brewery tour.
Partner countries of export

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