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Health ingredients Japan: The Biggest and Most Advanced Health Ingredients Exhibition and Conference in Asia
Safety and Technology Japan: Exhibition for Food Production, Quality Control, Analysis and Testing Equipment

Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan

October 5-7, 2016

Hi/S-tec Japan Brings Together All Key Players in the Asia/Pacific Market in Health Ingredients and Food Safety

As the birthplace of the functional ingredients industry, and with a rapidly aging society eager to maintain its health, the Japanese market in these products grows steadily year by year. The Hi (Health ingredients) exhibition is a prime focus for this interest, drawing suppliers and buyers from around the Pacific Rim. Along with this interest comes an increased awareness of food safety, and the S-tec (Safety Technology) exhibition focuses on this highly specialized segment within the tradeshow, and provides the best opportunity to meet production and R&D professionals from food manufacturing companies.

A Wealth of Unique Health Ingredient Products from the Asia/Pacific Region on Display

The flora of East Asia and the Pacific region have been the world’s “spice shop” for centuries, and in our age these foods have become the basis of many “functional foods,” which can be defined as any food enhanced with special ingredients for health or cosmetic purposes. These ingredients, both old and new, were on gaudy display at Hi/S-tec Japan in Tokyo this year.

Simply touring the aisles provides an education in the wide range of functional food ingredients. Ms. Nina Jen, Sales Manager of Fu Yi Biotechnology (Taiwan) was looking for local distributors for her all-Taiwanese products, which are based on one particular plant. “Our special ingredient ‘Santaxus’, made from the Taxus plant, is used for skin care, cosmetics, and even teas,” she said.

From the other side of the Pacific, in the Alberta (Canada) pavilion, Ms. Linda Whitworth, representing the Barley Council of Canada, was promoting the health advantages of beta-glucans, a component of barley. “This is a timely show for us,” she noted, “because barley is being recognized as a good source for beta-glucans.” Ms. Whitworth was also talking to local supplement companies and manufacturers here about using the beta-glucan fractions from barley in supplements for diabetic patients, since beta-glucans are useful in controlling blood sugar levels.

And from the southern Amami Islands of Japan itself, came another special item with unique health properties. “The plant we call Koshunso (Cirsium brevicaule A. Gray)” said Mr. Shojiro Fujiyama, Director of KK Healthy Islands (Japan), “found only on these islands and nearby, is rich in such functional food ingredients as polyphenols, minerals, and fibers, as well as containing a fair amount of alpha-linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid. Researchers at Ryukyu University have discovered that it inhibits breast cancer and shows anti-obesity effects.” Mr. Fujiyama was eager to spread the word about this relatively unknown but valuable resource.

A B2B Exhibition with Strong Focus on Quality Visitors from the Asia/Pacific Region

Although interested members of the general public could be seen cruising the aisles looking for samples of new health and beauty products, this show was clearly industry-focused. And not just on the manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers of Japan – many exhibitors noted a large presence of regional visitors that made this a truly international show.

Said Ms. Yun-Ching Tsai, Assistant Research Fellow at the Taiwan Agricultural Technology Research Institute, which organized the Taiwan Pavilion, “We’ve had great results! Our pavilion is focused on exhibiting 6 kinds of natural ingredients from Taiwan. Lots of buyers came to the booth and our seminar. One buyer was from India, of all places.”

Ms. Rachel Min, Overseas Business Manager of Amicogen Inc. (Korea), noted that her firm was here to meet not only Japanese, but Southeast Asian manufacturers and buyers as well. “We’ve been able to meet Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, and others at the show,” she said.

Many exhibitors remarked on the high quality of visitors who were themselves well versed in functional food bioactives and ready to talk business. Ms. Nicola Gabelich, Technical Consultant for the New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative, which supplies raw black currants to Japanese manufacturers, also enthused about visitor quality, remarking “this show is great! The visitors are precisely the type of people we need to be meeting -- and we like to keep an eye on the competition too.”

And Mr. Wenshuai Zhang, International Purchasing Manager of Wansheng Food Additives Co. Ltd. (Hong Kong) found much to study here about the Japanese market and food culture. “We are a trading company, we help Chinese companies find Japanese food manufacturers,” he explained. “Here we hope to learn about the local culture, and more deeply determine the ‘true demand’ for our products.” The additives from the firms that Mr. Zhang represents are used for sweetening, mixing, stabilizing, and many other purposes by the food industry.

Excellent Organization and Service Draws Strong Praise from Smaller Firms

Although you could easily spot the many global brands being advertised here, the overwhelming number of small booths demonstrated that small-to-medium firms truly dominate. Many of these firms exhibited only one or two products. For a successful show, these firms, lacking the deep resources of global corporations, depend on the smooth operation and timely support that an exhibition provides, and at the Hi/S-tec show, they were not disappointed.

There was almost unanimous praise for show operations. Mr. Jose Maria de Oliveira, President and Founder of Ita Brasil Mel e propolis (Brazil), a producer of apiary products, gave the organizers high praise. “We came to the booth on Tuesday before the show, everything was ready, the show people were helpful, attentive, and polite,” he said. “Such a good, well-organized show. We have been to shows in many countries, and this was the best organized of them all!”

Ms. Nicola Gabelich of the New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative praised the organizers as well, saying “Just outstanding service here. The guy in charge of our booth went way out of his way to help, and all our many emails were promptly answered.”

Ms. Rachel Min of Amicogen summed it up best. “So many visitors, so many buyers looking for raw materials,” she observed. “This tradeshow fits us perfectly.”


Exhibition Name Health ingredients Japan / Safety and Technology Japan 2016External site: a new window will open.
Dates October 5-7, 2016
Frequency Annually (27th time in 2016)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center, Tokyo, Japan
Theme Hi Japan: The 27th Anniversary – Japan’s Largest Tradeshow for Functional & Health Ingredients
S-tec Japan: Japan’s ONLY Exhibition for Food Safety and Quality Control
Exhibitor Totals 600 exhibitors (Overseas: 101)
Visitor Totals 40,397 visitors
Ticketing 3,000 Japanese Yen (Free admission with online registration)
Organizer UBM Media Co., Ltd.
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Tel: +81-3-5296-1017
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