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A Major Tradeshow Contrasting Local Market and Global Trends

Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan

June 9-12, 2015

FOOMA Exhibition Highlights Worldwide Trends in Food Machinery as it Showcases Japanese Food Culture

FOOMA JAPAN 2015, held June 9-12, 2015 at Tokyo Big Sight, is a showcase of products, technologies, and services for food processing and related operations, representing every link in the food-related equipment value chain. The tradeshow is an excellent venue for foreign companies in the food equipment industry to connect with potential customers, spot upcoming industry developments, and gain invaluable firsthand information about Japanese food culture and marketing preferences.

A Great Way to Experience Japanese Food Marketing, and Meet Industry Leaders

The Japanese food sensibility and this country’s ways of marketing can be so different, that it pays for foreign companies to either exhibit at the show, or at least send someone to walk it. Mr. Klaus F. Salein, Sales Manager at Chocal Aluminiumverpackungen GmbH (Germany) was here to explore and grasp the nuances of the Japanese wrapped-chocolates market.

“These characters they use are interesting,” he remarked, referring to the numerous brand and icon characters so often used in Japanese marketing. Mr. Salein had just discovered “Pekochan”, the cute bobbleheaded mascot which has represented the Fujiya brand of restaurants and confectionaries for over 50 years. The pigtailed Pekochan is a beloved pop culture figure known to every Japanese since childhood. Mr. Salein continued: “We would really like to see our superior aluminum foil packaging technology employed in manufacturing Pekochan chocolates!”

Mr. Hiroshi Onodera, Sales Manager for Suzumo Mahinery Co., Ltd. (Japan), which makes automatic sushi machines, explained that in Japan, his company sells “sushi robots” with a rice barrel made of wood, while in foreign countries they market this same model with a stainless steel barrel. “This is the big difference: the Japanese customer likes to think that the sushi is all hand-made, so the robot is designed to look like a traditional rice barrel. In the west, where sanitation is a greater concern, a stainless steel barrel reassures the customer that the food prepared is safe and sanitary.”


Trends in the Worldwide Food Industry and Market are Also Easily Spotted at FOOMA

While a showcase for the local food culture, FOOMA JAPAN is very much in the forefront of world food processing developments, since some of the largest players in the global food industry are based in Japan. Mr. Carsten Braeutigam, Area Sales Manager for Diary Technology for GEA Westfalia Separator Group GmbH (Germany), noted that “some of our customers here in Japan are world leaders in this field. They lead the trends, they don’t follow them.”

One veteran who has seen the FOOMA tradeshow grow with the global food market is Mr. Shigeki Hara, Sales Manager at Morikawa Food Machinery Co. Ltd. (Japan). “We’ve been at the FOOMA tradeshow almost from the beginning,” he explained, “and the biggest change we’ve seen is the increasing participation of companies from outside the food industry, like engineering consultants, robot makers, etc.”

Mr. Thomas Horner, Project Manager of NID Pty Ltd (Australia), a maker of confectionary machinery, thought FOOMA JAPAN was also a good venue to explore the marketing differences of east and west. “We’re very interested in what grabs people, what attracts them to a booth,” he noted. “In Europe and North America, people like images and videos, but the Japanese prefer to read text and descriptions.”


FOOMA JAPAN is a Busy and Diverse Show in a Central Location

Mr. Braeutigam of GEA also liked the fact that Tokyo is a great venue for a food machinery show. “All the large Japanese firms have headquarters or R&D facilities in the vicinity,” he remarked. “A client’s entire R&D team may show up one day, and if we can’t answer their questions immediately, they’ll give us time to prepare, and return on a later day. You don’t find this kind of concentrated access to major players in Germany.”


Mr. Harold Rothman, President of Silverson Machines, Inc. (UK), a mixing and homogenizing technology firm, liked the wide spectrum of visitors, because he sells to manufacturers in chemicals and pharmaceuticals as well as food. He commented, “We like ‘cross-over effects’ at a diverse show like this, lots of opportunities to meet potential customers from different markets.”

Business was good for many companies. Ms. Ainhoa Etxeberria, Manager of DIMAQ XXI S.L. (Spain), a food processing equipment maker, had just arrived in Tokyo that day, and liked seeing the packed aisles. “Before I got here,” she remarked, “our distributor had already sold one of our chicken breast slicers.”

Said Mr. Hara of Morikawa, “We always get the most orders, even foreign orders, at the FOOMA show.” He remarked that many Asian visitors came to his booth, and he was seeing more Asians every year. By contrast, Ms. Etxeberria pointed out that “in European shows, you see many Asian people, but in Asian tradeshows, you don’t see many Europeans!”

Well, Ms. Etxeberria, we hope this report will encourage other European firms to come to participate and help right that imbalance!

Exhibition Name FOOMA JAPAN 2015External site: a new window will open.
(2015 International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition)
Dates June 9-12, 2015
Frequency Annually (38th time in 2015)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan
Theme Discovery! The Continuing Evolution of Food
Exhibitor Totals 681 exhibitors
Visitor Totals 92,802 visitors (Overseas: 2,890)
Ticketing 1,000 Japanese Yen
(free admission with online registration)
Organizer Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association (FOOMA)
Supporters The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government
The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Contact FOOMA JAPAN Secretariat
TEL: +81-3-6809-3745
FAX: +81-3-6809-3746