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The nation's most comprehensive exhibition of facilities and equipment for the medical and welfare institutes

Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan

October 23-25, 2013

Small Gem of a Show Provides Comprehensive Coverage of All Aspects of Healthcare Engineering

HOSPEX Japan, held in conjunction with the Conference Healthcare of Engineering Association of Japan, is a comprehensive exhibition including hospital-based facilities, equipment and engineering resources; health and medical treatment information systems; and healthcare and welfare services and support systems.

Typical visitors are directly and indirectly involved in medical care, from clinicians and staff in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities, to government workers, university researchers, and firms involved in construction, architecture and consulting.

Small Scale but Huge Diversity of Products
Though the size was small compared to a lot of shows in North America and Europe, many exhibitors as well as visitors pointed out the amazing product diversity that HOSPEX has to offer. Mr. Clint Thompson, Sales Vice President at GCX Mounting Solutions remarked on this, saying, "For a small show, it has a wide range of products, so it's almost like a mini-MEDICA!"

The small scale was a plus factor for many. Mr. Xuefei Zheng of Hangzhou Coco Healthcare Products said "our small booth at HOSPEX was just the right size. When shows are too big, we get lost in the crowd." The same idea was expressed by Ms. Ivy Li, General Manager of Guangzhou Jinshun Non-Woven Products. "Similarly to a big show like CMEF in China," she noted, "HOSPEX has many different kinds of products." She sees much potential in the Japanese market and is looking forward to next year's show.

The small scale brought a focus that exhibitors appreciated. In further remarks Mr Xuefei Zheng added, "We are definitely coming back next year because the organizers are very accomodating, the service is excellent, and Big Sight is a great venue!" And Mr Jason Lee of Contec Medical Systems from China praised the organizers, saying "They are very good at PR and attracted plenty of visitors. We feel that they do a better PR job than similar shows in Europe".

High interest in this field even in Russia was indicated by the presence of Ms. Anna Materova of Rusnano, a Russian government venture fund for nanotechnology. Ms. Materova was also looking for projects and partners. "I’ve already given away all my business cards!" she exclaimed. And Mr. Marc Agosta, a young nanotechnology student at La Trobe University (Australia) said, "This is a great opportunity for us students to learn - and at a previous show, one student landed an internship project with an exhibiting company!"

Show Closely Tracks the Complexity of Healthcare Engineering
HOSPEX is not just a show for clinicians. Mr. Clint Thompson of GCX Mounting Solutions also liked the remarkable visitor profile. "We exhibit at about 40 shows in the US, but HOSPEX is very different - HOSPEX is not clinically oriented, so we can actually meet engineers and product development managers from potential new OEM (original equipment manufacturer) accounts." Similarly, Mr. Koichi Kuromi of X-Cardio Corporation said, "Hospex is a good opportunity to meet sales reps and hospital management reps, compared to other shows where all you see are doctors from specific medical fields."

One exhibitor, who wished to remain anonymous, gave this frank appraisal of industry trends: "the recent trend is that the consultants and coordinators rather than the end users [i.e. hospital managers] themselves tend to come to the show because the technology has become too specialized and complicated. The end users gather info on the net, and send their consultants to the show to work out the process of integrating the parts into a whole system."

Small Scale but Huge Diversity of Products
This trend is well illustrated by Microsoft Japan, which is exhibiting at HOSPEX for the first time this year. Ms. Hideko Murakami, Partner Technology Manager for Embedded Systems at Microsoft, said that "we find that the theme of this show, compared to other shows, is very well defined, and very clear. So we knew this was a good place to exhibit our embedded operating systems for image processing of X-ray and MRI data." Microsoft and similar booths were obvious targets for consulting system integrators.

Exhibition Name HOSPEX 2013External site: a new window will open.
Dates October 23-25, 2013
Frequency Annual (38th time in 2013)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan
Theme Medical Equipment, Medical-related Construction, Equipment and Engineering, Medical-related Services, and Medicare IT Services
Exhibitor Totals 320 Exhibitors
Visitor Totals 17,684 visitors
Ticketing JPY 1,000 per person
(free admission with Admission Ticket or Advanced Registration Form)
Organizer Healthcare Engineering Association of Japan
Japan Management Association
Contact Japan Management Association (JMA)
TEL: +81-3-3434-1988
FAX: +81-3-3434-8076