At the initial step of any business activity, information collection is crucial to determine the viability of the endeavour. JETRO has many resources available to assist businesses with this stage.

Market Reports
Explore various sectors in Japan from food to information technology. Find out about market size, import trends, and regulations pertinent to your industry.

  • Japanese Market Reports
    Guidebook for foreign companies to penetrate the Japanese market, introducing updated market trends, statistics, relevant regulations as well as import procedures.
  • Attractive Sectors
    In-depth survey of key sectors with potential for investment in Japan, including competitive advantages, target areas and government policy activity in these important growth areas.

Other Reports
  • Standards and Regulations
    Numerous documents devoted to Japan's standards and regulations concerning import procedures, quarantine periods, technical requirements, etc. Section also details laws/ordinances and amendments concerning import standards and regulations.
  • Statistics & Surveys
    Be familiar with Japan's trade relations and economy through surveys, reports, and statistics.

Trade Shows