Current Programmes


Meet Japanese Companies with Quality - Online

We are pleased to introduce Japanese companies with cutting-edge technology, wonderful cuisine and high quality goods and fashion.
The foundation and growth of Japan's economy depends on small but proficient enterprises such as these. They are seeking out online business opportunities abroad for their products.



The ‘JAPAN STORE’ ( is a dedicated Amazon site opened on in the United States as a part of efforts to support sales channels for a range of Japanese products and enabled Amazon customers more access to purchase authentic Japanese goods.

*Amazon is the trademark owned by, Inc. or its affiliates.

Due Date: March 29, 2024


JAPAN STREET is new B to B online catalog service exclusive for qualified buyers. They can search finest Japanese products on “JAPAN STREET” anytime anywhere!  

Due Date: March 29, 2024

JAPAN LINKAGE is a new B to B E-commerce service to create matching opportunities between Japanese companies and overseas buyers though the world major EC platforms incuding
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Due Date: March 29, 2024

Essence of Japan - Mastery Collection -                               

This project involves Japanese producers who excel at the art of creation utilizing the local resources such as crafts, traditional products, and household goods that will lead the next generation of Japan.

Their products present the highest quality mastery products made in Japan with strong background in traditional techniques and rich cultural context behind the works.

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JETRO Music Contents Online Business Matching Program      
JETRO will arrange online business online business meetings between International buyers (distributors, streaming services, booking agencies, etc.) and Japanese sellers by web conferencing software via the internet. Buyer will be able to select a few dates and time available between July and October, 2023. 
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Application Deadline: June 15, 2023

Note: further FY2023-2024 programmes will be announced on an on-going basis. (Past Programmes for reference although each year different programmes are selected)

If you are a buyer in any one of these sectors and is interested in participating in one of our programmes, please contact JETRO Toronto at: