Discover Life Science Canada Series

The Discover Life Science Canada Webinar Series was created by JETRO Toronto and Shonan iPark外部サイトへ、新しいウィンドウで開きます to introduce innovation from Canadian Life Science companies to global Japanese corporations, and to help facilitate business relationships between them. Each webinar will feature an overview of a life sciences ecosystem in Canada and pitches from innovative Canadian life sciences startups.

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J-Startup Program

The J-Startup Program works with JETRO and the private sector to provide the following services to the selected startups:

- Granting private business spaces and fee preferences
- Professional mentors from leading technology companies
- Collaberation opportunities with large companies in similar fields
- Welcoming programs from Ministers and other important figures
- Marketing services designed for startups to succeed in overseas markets
- Opportunities to exhibit at the world's largest tech conferences, such as CES and SLUSH
- And more!

For more information, please go to the J-Startup Program page here外部サイトへ、新しいウィンドウで開きます .

Global Acceleration Hub

Opening the door for a direct connection to Japan!

“JETRO Global Acceleration Hub” program aims to support overseas expansion of Japanese startups and to foster startup ecosystem in Japan. The project is established in about 30 world leading cities including Toronto. It provides the latest information of the regions and supports Japanese startups to scale and supports local startups to expand their business in Japan. As with other programs, mentoring, feedback, and key connections are provided.

Generating Innovation with Japan

Major Japanese firms, from manufacturing to finance to services in a whole variety of sectors, are increasingly looking to identify new innovation from Canadian start-ups in order to improve their business practices and to introduce new ideas and technology into the Japanese market and to their network of global clients.

For Canadian start-ups, the Japanese market (GDP: US$4.9 trillion; Pop.: 120 million) can be daunting but potentially hugely rewarding. One of the best ways to enter that market is through partnering with Japanese firms.

This series of events will provide unique opportunities for Canadian start-ups and major Japanese firms to connect and share information. Through reverse-pitch presentations, Japanese firms will explain about their technology needs and, during the networking session and follow-up meetings, Canadian start-ups can explain about their technology solutions.

Through this series of partnering sessions across Canada, JETRO aims to generate new innovation through partnerships between leading Japanese firms and innovative Canadian start-ups.

For more information, please go to the Generating Innovation with Japan page here外部サイトへ、新しいウィンドウで開きます .

Canadian Tech Company Showcase

JETRO Canada provides opportunities for Canadian Innovative AI, IoT and automation companies wishing to collaborate with Japanese large corporates and SME companies to expand into the Japanese market.

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