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Japan's new expedited approval system for regenerative medicine (RM) products has creates new opportunities for Canadian cell therapy companies and researchers.

JAPAN RM SEMINAR (January 29, 2016)

This seminar was hosted by JETRO Toronto in cooperation with the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) and with the support of Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine (OIRM) and the International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT).

It featured an overview of Japan's new regulatory framework for the approval of regenerative medicine products by a representative of Japan's Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine (FIRM); outlines of the extensive industry and academic connections that already exist between Canada and Japan's RM communities; and a case-study of Vancouver-based RepliCel's deal with Shiseido to develop its first product for the Japanese market. 

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JETRO has a new subsidy programme focused on the regenerative medicine (RM) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) sectors to subsidize the cost for overseas companies to set up innovation centers in Japan as well as carry out experimental and feasibility studies in collaboration with Japanese companies and other organizations in Japan.




New Era of Regenerative Medicine With New Legal Framework

Presentation (METI, March 2016)


Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine (FIRM)

The Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine (FIRM)'s mission is to pave the way for real, practical breakthroughs in regenerative medicine by pursuing broad, industry-led partnerships with governments, universities, and the private sector, by engaging with the media, for the purpose of building a great consensus on the commercialization process and the application of new regenerative medicine techniques in the community. More specifically, taking a big-picture view of the process of clinical research, approval, and worldwide promotion of regenerative medicine, we identify problems based on the scenario for the business development and industrialization of regenerative medicine, offer ongoing advice on relevant solutions without compromising the economy of healthcare. Above all, we see our role as a think tank for practical ideas aimed at innovation in the field of regenerative medicine.




Regenerative Medicine Industrialization Task Force (RMIT)

Established as a task force under (FIRM) to support a wide spectrum of organizations such as established mega pharmas, emerging venture businesses, or thriving academia, domestic and overseas alike, resolving various bottlenecks that hinder prompt industrialization of regenerative medicine and cell therapy.



Japanese Regenerative Medicine Market Information

RMIT PAMPHLET: "Japan's Initiative for the Global Industrialization of Regenerative Medicine"


Japanese Regenerative Medicine-related Companies

FIRM Members (183 as of December 8, 2015)


RMIT: Japanese Regenerative Medicine Business Matching Services

Introduction service for foreign companies with FIRM member companies as potential partners. E-mail correspondence using contact form at webpage is encouraged for overseas  clients due to the time difference. If you prefer to call, lines are open from 0900 to 1200 and 1300 to 1600 Japan Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

E-mail: info-tf@firm.or.jp

Tel: +81 3 3510 9621 (English)



Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW)
Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA)
The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine (JSRM)
National Institute of Biomedical (NIBIO)
Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA)
Pharmaceutical Administration and Regulations in Japan (JPMA 2015) 

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