[Webinar] The Regenerative Medicine Market in Japan

[Webinar] The Regenerative Medicine Market in Japan   

On April 27 at 2:00 pm (EDT), JETRO Toronto hosted a webinar on the regenerative medicine market (RM) in Japan.

It featured a high-level overview of the RM Market in Japan, including an outline of regulatory changes that have led to a fast-track approval process for RM products and a survey of recent business deals between Japanese and foreign companies.

This was followed by comments from Lee Buckler, CEO of RepliCel, who has first-hand experience in Japan’s RM market.

 April 27th, 2017
 2:00-3:00 pm (EDT)
- Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
- Overview of RM Market in Japan - Tyson Garbe, Assistant Director, JETRO Toronto
- First-hand Experiences in the Japanese RM Market - Lee Buckler, CEO, RepliCel
- Q&A

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