Japan at Globe 2010

GLOBE 2010 Japan Pavilion

Eight Japanese environment technology companies participated in the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)Japan Pavilion at Globe 2010. The companies, which are part of JETRO’s Green Innovations Partnership Program are some of Japan’s leaders in the field of green technology. They showcased cutting edge, sustainable technology in the areas of sustainable construction/ renovation, facilities management, recycling and waste treatment, and renewable energy businesses.

Exhibits included high-efficiency boilers and hot water production systems; a brush-on thermal glass coating; waste to energy treatment systems; a wind turbine system with “wind-lens” technology and noise reduction; plastic and Styrofoam recycling machinery featuring Styrofoam compression to 1/50th of its original volume; solar cells with the world’s highest conversion efficiency.


  • Displays of leading edge technology

  • Seminar and Networking Reception

  • Business Matching

JETRO arranged business-matching meetings for both Japanese and international environmental companies during the conference. A seminar featuring technology exhibited at the conference was also be offered.

Corporate summary for all participating companies in the Japan Pavilion: Japan The Green Future Pavilion Companies pdf

JAPAN PAVILION: Booth 817 - Participating Companies

Cascadia Ecohomes Ltd.To other site Unlike conventional interior heating and cooling systems, FIRST (Far Infrared Sustainable Thermal) system uses far infrared light to regulate the temperature of individuals in the space. The Made-in-Japan technology, is a specially processed ceramic powder applied to interior walls, ceilings and radiators. It is healthy, energy efficient and produces no carbon emissions. To maximize the energy efficiency of the FIRST system, the world’s first brush-on Thermal Glass Coating should be applied to convert existing single or double glazed windows to match the energy efficiency of low-E windows.
Hitachi Zosen Corporation USATo other site
Waste incineration plant, Ash-melting plant, Material recycle plant, Biomass utilization system, environment preservation system (flue gas treatment, waste water treatment, fly ash treatment).
Leading-edge waste treatment system, much achievement in Japan, high-efficiency waste to energy system, waste heat utilization system

Kyusyu University, Intellectual Property Management CenterTo other siteHighly Efficient Wind Turbine System-Concentration of Wind Energy (“wind-lens” technology ) provides a threefold increase in output power compared to conventional wind turbines due to the concentration of wind energy. Compact Brimmed Diffuser: Specially designed wind-lens leads to a smaller rotor blade diameter. Significant reduction in wind turbine noise: The vortices generated from blade tips are suppressed by the interference with the boundary layer within the diffuser shroud. Brim-based yaw control: The brim at the exit of the diffuser makes the wind turbine rotate following changes in the wind direction.

Maekawa-MYCOMTo other siteDeveloping technologies to save energy without depending on Freon. “Eco Cute” is a transcritical heat pump that produces 90℃ hot water with low temperature heat sources, such as the air and water, with help of all Natural Refrigerant, CO2.
Consultation/ Manufacturing/ Sales for; Refrigeration Systems, Energy Saving Thermal Systems, Gas Compression and processing.

Miura North America IncTo other site.Miura offers compact, modular On-Demand Steam boiler systems that optimize
boiler operation for high efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Miura’s flagship “MI System”, is a system of multiple modular units linked together and controlled as a single large capacity boiler. The enhanced energy management system controls the operation of the high performance modular units to meet constantly changing steam demand eliminating costly losses associate with periods of part load and stand-by operation with the added benefit of reduced CO2 emissions. Miura’s innovative online maintenance system allows our products to perform at the highest levels at all times. Miura’s products are well positioned to offer products that will reduce the environmental impact of thermal energy systems.

Pana Chemical Co., LtdTo other site.We will introduce unique plastic recycling machines and styrofoam recycling machines. We have an 80 % share of sales of Styrofoam recycling machines in Japan and have built up the nation-wide recycling system with them. Overseas recycling machines specialize in compressing styrofoam, but our recycling machines, compress the styrofoam with heat, which can reduce the volume of Styrofoam down to 1/50. At GLOBE 2010, we will introduce three types of Styrofoam recycling machines: Ecolobo-ace series, High Melter series, and Clean Heat Packer series

SANYO Canada IncTo other site.SANYO's proprietary HIT solar cells have achieved the world's highest conversion
efficiency for solar PV panels in the market today. For client organizations, this
translates into more benefits from government incentive programs, a greater attributed reduction of CO2 emissions, and additional recognition as a leader in taking important steps toward carbon neutral operations by generating clean energy.

The Overseas Construction Assocation of JapanTo other siteThe Overseas Construction Association of Japan, OCAJI has a membership of Japanese leading construction companies. Its objectives are to strengthen cooperative and amicable relations by way of supporting Japanese contractors in the promotion of their international activities and contributions to other countries.

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