Status : Completed (2007-2011)

Malaysia Japan Automotive Industries Cooperation or MAJAICO was initiated under the Malaysia Japan Economic Partnership Agreement in July 2006 in order to develop and improving Malaysian Automotive Industries to become more competitive as a global players.
Signed in 2006, MAJAICO is a five years project that helps Malaysian Automotive Industries in various fields from the technical base to the business negotiations.
It was divided into 10 sub projects and JETRO is responsible in 3 projects namely:

1. Automotive Skill Training Center in Malaysia (MAJAICO PROJECT B)

2. Business Development Program (MAJAICO PROJECT E)

3. Cooperation in Exhibition (MAJAICO PROJECT F3)

Automotive Skill Training Center in Malaysia (MAJAICO PROJECT B)

It is a project with a cooperation of Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR), Malaysia in conjunction to bringing up the technical skill of Malaysian technician and human resources. The execution of the project is done by NISSAN and JTM. ADTEC (Advance Technology Training Center) Shah Alam has being selected as a base for a pilot project execution because of the strategic location, which is within the area of Malaysian Automotive Industries.
JETRO has dispatched Japanese expertise from NISSAN to train the master trainer from JTM as well as developing the syllabus of the Training Center. These master trainers are expected to train trainers as well as industries’ workers using the syllabus and curriculum developed. The Skill Training Center will become a model institute for the existing public vocational schools in helping private companies to improve or develop their technical training systems and environments so that their workers will be able to acquire additional knowledge and skill.

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MAJAICO B FY2010 (Apr 2010 - March 2011)

Business Development Program (MAJAICO PROJECT E)

MAJAICO Project E is a business-oriented project where it matches Malaysian Automotive Industries with Japanese Auto industries. This project is conducted by JETRO with cooperation of MACPMA (Malaysian Automotive Components Part Manufacturer). This project was initiated purposely to open an opportunities for Malaysian Vendors to have a communication with Japanese Auto Industries.
The Project is executed by arranging a bilateral visit of business mission to Japan and Malaysia. A seminar is also conducted in both countries to provide the participant more information about the Malaysian market as well as benefit of investing in Malaysia.

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MAJAICO E FY2010 (Apr 2010 - March 2011)

Cooperation in Exhibition (MAJAICO PROJECT F)

This project gives Malaysian Automotive Vendors opportunities to exhibit their products in Japan. An annual exhibition organize every year in March called International Auto Aftermarket Expo (IAAE) is basically the best place to promote Malaysia Auto industries to overseas market. A special Malaysian booth is also arranged to give visitors a better understanding about Malaysian Auto Industries.
This project is cooperation between JETRO and MATRADE Malaysia and will continue until 2011.

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