Dec 17, 2015

The Japanese-German Business Association (DJW) invites you to share ideas, contacts and information on business related topics while enjoying breakfast at our “Asa no Kai” in Berlin. Our guests will be welcomed by a representative of the Japanese Embassy in Berlin. The Asa no Kai will be held in English.

Topic: “Start-Up Ecosystems in Germany and Japan – Potential for Cooperation?”
Berlin has been experiencing an impressive influx of talents and capital in the past years, especially in the tech start-up sector. The total investment in Berlin’s start-ups this year has already surpassed that of London’s. The city is demographically young with 25% of the population aged under 25 years providing an attractive asset of young talents. What makes Berlin attractive to founders and investors? What potential does the business ecosystem Berlin have for Japanese companies in very different stages of development, both established businesses and start-ups? What are the factors for sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship today? Can Japanese and German start-ups work together to enhance each other?
Speaker: Makoto Takeda, Managing Director, bistream UG

Program <PDF> (622KB)