Japan Street


Japan Street
Our online catalogue exclusive for buyers
interested in products from Japan

Japan Street is an exclusive B-to-B online catalogue launched by JETRO in 2021.
Since then we have organized many business matchings, added new features and updates.

We have now 40,000+ products from 6,000+ Japanese suppliers.Oct 2023
Buyers are allowed on the platform after JETRO's confirmation only!

Introduction to Japan Street:


What can you do using Japan Street?

  • Search for a wide range of exportable Japanese products
  • It offers virtually everything, from everyday items like kitchen utensils and foods, to industrial equipment, cosmetics, fashion accessories and even more
  • Gather plenty of information about each product such as MOQ, retail price in Japan, HS Code, certifications etc.
  • Find new business partners  
  • Request an estimation / quotation of the product or an online business meeting
  • If you can´t find what you´re looking for, you can send a product request. When a request comes in from a registered buyer, we use JETRO´s 49-office nationwide network to find just the right product.
  • JETRO supports language barrier by offer interpreters
  • JETRO will assist you and the supplier / Japanese manufacturing company in business meetings, even across time zones, as well as help you check trade regulations and more!

With Japan Street, finding great new products from Japan is quick and easy, and international business and trade are simpler than ever before. Sign up and get started today!

How to sign up for JAPAN STREET?

Please contact the local staff of our offices as below for the registration.

Thank you and we look forward to welcome you on Japan Street!


JETRO Berlin

Mr. David Imme

Friedrichstr. 70

10117 Berlin

Tel.: 030/2094-5560

E-Mail: info-bln(at)jetro.go.jp

JETRO Düsseldorf

Mr. Naoki Sakuyama

Berliner Allee 10

40212 Düsseldorf

Tel.: 0211/1362-0

E-Mail: info-dus(at)jetro.go.jp

JETRO München

Ms. Claudia Fendl

Seitzstr. 23

80538 München

Tel.: 089/2102-8690

E-Mail: mun(at)jetro.go.jp