JETRO Sydney Spring 2016 Newsletter Released

Sep 30, 2016


JETRO Sydney is pleased to announce the release of the Spring 2016 Edition of its English Quarterly Newsletter. 


The Newsletter is a hyperlinked PDF file, with this issue totalling 6 pages and features an in depth article by Special Guest Peter Gibson from Sportstek International on how the Eddie Jones Rubgytek Scholarship is supporting young Japanese rugby players from diship is supporting aster struck areas of Japan.


In total this feature includes: 

  • MD's Message: A special message from our Managing Director, Shuichi Hirano, on how regional prefectures of Japan are increasingly looking to Australia for business.
  • Feature Article: Rugby supporting disaster hit Japan by Special Guest Peter Gibson, General Manager of Sportstek International.
  • An Overview of the Fukushima Food Products and Tourism Promotion Event organised by the Fukushima Association for Promotion of Exports and Tourism to Australia
  • Manuel’s View: ‘Australian & Japanese Economic Intelligence’ Director Manuel Panagiotopoulos’ article on recent Japanese investment and economic opportunities.
  • Success Case: JETRO Victoria’s Jennifer Bean details how Melbourne based Software Company Lookatme DAM is expanding into the Japanese market.
  • Editor’s corner: Our editor looks at the IoT industry and how it is integrating into the Japanese economy.


We hope you enjoy this issue.  Thank you for your continued support of Japan and JETRO’s mission.


To download the Newsletter, please click the link below or the image at the top of the page:


JETRO Sydney Newsletter - Spring 2016 PDF(6.7MB)