JETRO Sydney 2015 Winter Newsletter Released

Jul 03, 2015

JETRO Sydney announces the publication of the Winter 2015 Edition of our Quarterly Newsletter, produced by our Sydney team. 

As always, the Winter 2015 Newsletter is a hyperlinked PDF file, that is equally suitable in soft and hard copy form. This issue is eight pages in total and features an in depth article by Special Guest Elizabeth Masamune of @Asia Associates. 

This features includes: 

  • A special message from our Managing Director, Shuichi Hirano, on what is responsible for the increase in investment Japan has been experiencing over the past couple years.

  • Feature Article: Managing Director of @Asia Associates Elizabeth Masamune explains what many foreign companies miss in their analysis of Japan and how the changing investment landscape and new regional dynamics make now the ideal time to invest.

  •  ‘Australian & Japanese Economic Intelligence’ Director Manuel Panagiotopoulos’ writes about often overlooked advantages both Australia and Japan have over their ASEAN neighbours as investment destinations.

  • JETRO Sydney Research Direct Tadayoshi Hiraki takes a look at  the White Paper on the development of Northern Australia and explains how Japan might play a role.

  • Success Case: Read about e-GoodManners, a Melbourne based company whose web-based analytics platform has made it a darling of high end auto-industry retailers in Japan.

  • Editor’s Corner: Editor and Business Development Coordinator Daniel O’Toole looks at SoftBank’s recent $US20 billion investment in India’s solar industry and how we might be missing out.

  • An introduction to JETRO Sydney’s new Deputy Managing Director, Mr Hajime Sato.

We hope you enjoy this issue. 

To download the Newsletter click the link below: