J-Bridge [Smart City]
Fostering collaborations between
Japanese Corporations & Australian startups
After the successful launch of J-Bridge's Australian edition in Oct'21, JETRO is coming up with its first sector-focussed J-Bridge event for Smart Cities for our Japanese and Australian audience.
The event aims to touch upon the importance as well as opportunities in the Smart City theme between Japanese corporates and innovative Australian companies from the perspective of diverse stakeholders. Smart Cities is an ocean in itself and has many sub-segments under this umbrella term. The highlight of the event will be the pitching sessions from handpicked Australian startups representing various sub-segments that are interested in exploring collaboration (business/technical/financial) with Japanese corporates for markets including Japan, Australia and beyond.
The event was held on the 7th of December, 2021
  • After the event, we shall accept requests for business meetings with the presenting companies (via the post event pop survey form).
  • The event will be held in both English & Japanese. (Simultaneous Interpretation)
  • Agenda and Presenting Companies:

  • Agenda:
  • • Welcome note and introduction by JETRO Sydney
    • Insight into what Japanese corporations are doing in the Smart City Industries with KDDI Asia Pacific
  • • Pitching presentations from the following Australian companies and their representitives:
    1. Powerledger
    2. icetana
    3. KERB
    4. PAM (Mediabank)
    5. Digital Keys
  • • Wrap up and vote of thanks 
  • • End of seminar survey - business meetings can be requested by filling up the form (will pop up in zoom at the end).


  • Presenting Companies:
  • KDDI Asia Pacific

    KDDI is Japan’s No. 2 mobile carrier with more than 45 million mobile subscribers and 8 million cable TV and landline service subscribers.

    It has a corporate venture fund, KDDI Open Innovation Fund, and has invested in over 100 startups in the world, looking for companies with an interest to enter the Japanese market as well as collaboration business in South-East Asia

    Powerledger logo


    Powerledger develops software solutions for distributed and decentralised energy markets. Now in it's 5th year of business, with over 30 clients across eleven countries, Powerledger believes in the democratization of power for a sustainable future.

    icetana logo


    icetana Limited (ASX: ICE) is a global software company providing video analytics solutions designed to automatically identify anomalous actions in real-time for large scale surveillance networks. Our software integrates with customers existing video management systems and IP cameras.

    Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, the icetana solution learns and filters out routine motion, showing only anomalous or unusual behaviour allowing operators to focus on events that matter and respond in real-time to both precursor activities and incidents. 

    Kerb logo


    KERB is a global-from-Day-One ‘smart parking’ platform which helps cities around the world reduce the number of vehicles on the road, by allowing citizens and private organisations to rent or lease under-utilised parking spaces. Kerb is a “last mile transportation solution”, which reduces the cost of parking for commuters, and which allows people with empty parking spaces to make a bit of extra money. Kerb also lets hotels, churches, universities and sports venues get a better return on their car parks. Kerb is available on Android, iOS and web, and is currently live in 80 cities, 25 countries and in 19 languages.

    PAM Logo

    PAM (Mediabank)

    Smart city district owners use PAM to guide over 60 million visitors to enjoy the busiest and most difficult precincts around the world. Our clients use our advanced, agile and adaptive navigation system so their customers can
    better understand their environment, and their environment can better understand their customers.
    Smart city precincts; sports stadiums, universities, airports, hospitals, resorts. Every day we turn huge spaces into familiar places where people love to spend their time and money.

    Digital Keys Logo

    Digital Keys

    Digital Keys delivers a complete end-to-end NB-IoT smart access control solution including smartlocks, digital keys apps, smart access management software, NB-IoT platform and API's.


Presentations will be made by:

Ushioda Tomakazu
Representative of KDDI Open Innovation Fund 
KDDI Asia Pacific
Vinod Tiwari
Global Head of Business Development & Partnerships

Matthew Macfarlne
CEO & Managing Director
Rob Brown
CEO & Co-Founder

Stephen Minning
CEO & Co-Founder
Steve Dunn
CEO & Co-Founder
Digital Keys

The event will be hosted by:

Masaki Takahara
Managing Director 
JETRO Sydney
Rachit Khosla
Country Manager -  Australia
IGPI Australia

*Above details are subject to change.

The J-Bridge program in Australia is supported by Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI)