[Announcement] Promotion of Japanese Food Products to Attract New Customers in Collaboration with Local Retailers

Jun 03, 2022


The JETRO Manila office is currently looking for a contractor/service provider for the planning and implementing of its upcoming project on promotion of Japanese food products in the Philippines that aims to attract new customers, raise more awareness, and create an environment that will enable the continuous increase in demand for Japanese food products in the future.



  • • Please refer to the attached files and,
  • • Submit your proposal and quotation together to the e-mail address below by June 17th (Friday) at noon.

            EMAIL: MLA@jetro.go.jp



          ATTACHMENT 1: Project Specification  

          ATTACHMENT 2: Project Proposal Format  

          ATTACHMENT 3: Request for Quotation

          ATTACHMENT 4: Evaluation Sheet


Submissions received after the deadline will not be accepted. Likewise, proposals that do not meet the evaluation criteria will also not be accepted.



JETRO Manila Office

Ms. Lexlee Loraine Comia / Mr. Makoto Sudo

LexleeLoraine_Comia@jetro.go.jp / Makoto_Sudo@jetro.go.jp