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The majority of JETRO business support services are absolutely free.


Service available at JETRO KL:


Trade Inquiry and Consultation


Senior advisor


Invest Japan Business Support Centre (IBSC)


Trade Tie Up Promotion Program (TTPP)


Business Library


Trade Inquiry and Consultation

The business development team is ready to assist Malaysian businessman to locate business contacts and provide market information in Japan; while the senior EPA/ Trade/ Investment Advisor is also available to assist Japanese businessman who wish to know more on the trade and investment in Malaysia. Please call us to get further information, schedule an one-on-one consultation or you may send your enquiry via fax.


Senior Advisor

Senior advisor is specially attached at JETRO Kuala Lumpur office to advice on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), trade and investment matters in order to assist Japanese businessman in Malaysia.


Invest Japan Business Support Centre

Wish to study by yourselves on your products’ market potential in Japan? Or eventually you wish to set up your representative office, subsidiary or branch in Japan? JETRO provide free temporary office space package with free liaison officer and advisors under JETRO IBSC.


Invest Japan Business Support Centre (IBSC) is a platform created by JETRO for those who wish to expand their market in Japan. You can use the free temporary office facility to study on your product market trend or to get information on the Japanese procedures to open up a representative office, branch or subsidiary. JETRO provide in-house advisors to meet with, and provide free consultation to the companies. Being in Japan personally and meet with the right advisors and Japanese businessman is no doubt as one of the best way to expand your market in Japan since you are closer with them to meet, explain and discuss on the business opportunities.

For additional information, please click here <PDF> (122KB) 


Trade Tie Up Promotion Program (TTPP)

TTPP (Trade Tie Up Promotion Program) is an innovative business matching database runs by JETRO Headquarters which support your search for the international business partners via the internet. This is a golden opportunity to find business partner abroad since you are able to search for other proposals as well as promoting your own proposal to Japan and also worldwide; for free.


²  Location (URL): https://www.jetro.go.jp/ttppoas/reguser/index.html

²  Registration fee: Free

²  Method of registration;

I.          Access to JETRO TTPP site and obtain a user ID and password under “User Registration”;

II.        After completing the registration, please log in and add your “Business Proposal” (i.e. specific product information, photos, price details, etc.)

** Please refer to the “Registration Manual” to complete your registration.


Business Library

The business library of JETRO Kuala Lumpur equipped with more than 3,000 publications; available for the business persons to make their references especially on the Japanese market, product distribution, import procedures, custom and tariff and also other information related to the trade and investment.


Library operation hours;

Monday – Friday

08:30 am – 12:30 pm

01:30 am – 4:30 pm

*Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.