Cool Japan

Culture and media

Japan is a country rich in culture and history and also a leading center of design and innovation. From traditional crafts with a modern appeal to gourmet foods and cutting-edge textiles, Japan is redefining its reputation as a pioneer in design, fashion, entertainment and foods. It is in such a country that JETRO finds unique and attractive products and services to be showcased all over the world.

Japanese agriculture, forestry, fisheries and food

Japan can offer a wide variety of safe, delicious and high-quality food and beverages. In addition to sushi and sake, processed foods, fruit, vegetables, livestock and marine products are gaining ever more acclaim around the world.

Japanese Fashion

Japan continues to be a trendsetter in the global fashion scene, and Tokyo is becoming a new face on the collection scene, with the introduction of Japan Fashion Week. Japan is also a leading producer of cutting-edge textiles and fabrics .

Japanese Design

Japanese creators today combine rich art and craft making traditions with the best of modern design to create products of unique function and beauty. Japanese design is now leading the way with practical everyday-use items that retain aspects of Japanese techniques and esthetics.

Japanese Entertainment

Japan is well known for its exports of cars and electronic devices, but in recent years the country has become an exporter of pop culture as well. From anime and manga to video games and film, Japanese content is taking the world by storm.