Request for Proposals: Project ‘Platform Coordinator for Japanese SMEs’ (In the field of regulations)

May 09, 2018

JETRO is in need of proposals from Platform coordinators who can support overseas expansion of overseas business. This is a request for proposals for projects relating to Japanese SME business overseas expansion. In this request for proposals, we are looking for companies/individuals who can support Japanese SMEs in the field of regulations (e.g. REACH, RoHS, WEEE, CE marking, etc.).


Subject: Project ‘Platform Coordinator for Japanese SMEs’

Term of contract: the contract day to March 29, 2019

Closing date for Application: May 21, 2018

Contents of Contract: As indicated in Application Guidelines (Attachments)

Delivery of Application:

Required to submit by Email:

  1. Signed Application Form scanned
  2. Materials showing applicant’s achievement/ experience, company profile etc. in related industry


Yusuke Mori (Mr.), Hiroki Matsui (Mr.)

JETRO Düsseldorf, Berliner Allee 10, 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany

Tel: +49-211-136020 / Fax: +49-211-326411



Guidelines for Proposal <PDF> (398KB) 

Application Form <Word> (96KB)