4.6 Work Rules

Section 4: Human Resource Management


This section covers Japan’s labor laws and regulations. Topics include recruitment, employment contracts, wages, working hours, work rules, workplace safety, hygiene requirements, resignation and dismissal procedures, and Japan’s social security, health, and pension systems.


4.1  Application of Laws

4.2  Recruitment

4.3  Labor Contracts

4.4  Wages

4.5  Legislation on Working Hours, Breaks, and Days Off

4.6  Work Rules

4.7  Safety and Hygiene

4.8  Resignation and Dismissal

4.9  Japan’s Social Security System

4.6 Work Rules

Work rules are specific rules for the workplace containing working conditions such as working hours and wages, as well as rules that employees must comply with when working for business reasons. Employers with 10 or more regular employees must draw up the work rules and submit these to the local Labor Standards Inspection Office.


Establishments with fewer than 10 workers are also encouraged to draw up work rules. Where work rules are established, they have the same legal force as labor contracts insofar as they are reasonable in content.


4.6.1 Items to Be Included in Work Rules
Work rules must at a minimum contain the following items.

  1. Start and finish times, breaks, days off, leave of absence (including childcare and family care leave), and work shift arrangements where work is to be performed by two or more teams of workers.
  2. Methods of determining, calculating and paying wages (excluding special bonuses and other pay), wage calculation periods and dates of payment, as well as matters pertaining to wage raise.
  3. Matters pertaining to resignation or dismissal (including grounds for dismissal).

Any arrangements established regarding the following matters must be included in the work rules:

  1. Retirement allowances
  2. Extraordinary wages, etc.
  3. Responsibility for meal expenses, etc.
  4. Safety and hygiene
  5. Job training
  6. Workers' accident compensation
  7. Awards and disciplinary measures
  8. Other matters

4.6.2 Obligation to Inform
Employers are required to inform workers of the work rules or any labor-management agreements as provided for in the Labor Standards Act.