4.7 Safety and Hygiene

Section 4: Human Resource Management


This section covers Japan’s labor laws and regulations. Topics include recruitment, employment contracts, wages, working hours, work rules, workplace safety, hygiene requirements, resignation and dismissal procedures, and Japan’s social security, health, and pension systems.


4.1  Application of Laws

4.2  Recruitment

4.3  Labor Contracts

4.4  Wages

4.5  Legislation on Working Hours, Breaks, and Days Off

4.6  Work Rules

4.7  Safety and Hygiene

4.8  Resignation and Dismissal

4.9  Japan’s Social Security System

4.7 Safety Hygiene
Employers are obliged to pay due consideration to safety and hygiene matters so as to avoid illness or injury to workers in the course of work.


4.7.1 Health Check-Up Upon Hiring
When hiring a regular employee, employers must have the new employee undergo a predetermined health check-up before hiring him/her.


4.7.2 Periodic Health Check-Up
Employers must have all regular employees undergo a health check-up by a doctor once per year (or at least once every six months in the case of employees engaged in specific kinds of work which may damage the employees' health including late night work and work involving X-rays).