Japanese Wagyu by the Embassy of Japan, Part 3: minibar

Dec 09, 2020


The Embassy of Japan, in partnership with the Consulate General of Japan in New York, is currently creating a 4-part video series on the essence of enjoying premium Japanese Wagyu beef. The videos will introduce viewers to world-renowned chefs as they bring out the best flavors of Japanese Wagyu beef, including its highly prized fat marbling.

Part Three features Charisse Dickens, Ruben Mosquero, and Koji Terano, the Michelin starred chefs of Washington, D.C.'s renowned minibar, all emphasizing that Japanese Wagyu beef has special texture and delicate flavor, especially in its sweet and aromatic fat. In this video, the chefs show off their passion and inspiration by infusing Japanese Wagyu beef with Spanish culinary style.

Chef Dickens utilizes Japanese Wagyu in traditional Spanish tapas like Coca, a Pizza-like snack, by using Wagyu in its raw state, a non-conventional way of using Wagyu which is appreciated worldwide. Chef Terano wonderfully combines the best of both Japan and Spain with dishes like the Arroz con Solomillo y Cecina de Wagyu, a Wagyu paella. Chef Mosquero showcases a beautiful Sirloin Tataki with a bone marrow sauce, giving it a rich and smooth flavor.

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