Japanese Wagyu by the Embassy of Japan, Part 2: Sushi Taro

Nov 17, 2020


The Embassy of Japan, in partnership with the Consulate General of Japan in New York, is currently creating a 4-part video series on the essence of enjoying premium Japanese Wagyu beef. The videos will introduce viewers to world-renowned chefs as they bring out the best flavors of Japanese Wagyu beef, including its highly prized fat marbling.

Part Two features the renowned Chef Nobu Yamazaki and his Michelin-starred sushi restaurant in Washington, D.C., Sushi Taro. Chef Yamazaki loves working with Japanese Wagyu beef because it is a reliably forgiving ingredient in cooking. He also values its uniquely buttery texture compared with other types of beef and the variety of usages associated with it. In this video, Chef Yamazaki and Executive Chef Masaya Kitayama shows off many authentic styles of Japanese Wagyu Beef cooking, including grilling, searing, braising, sous vide, and shabu-shabu.

Chef Yamazaki emphasizes that Japanese Wagyu Beef is completely different than beef from any other part of the world, pointing out that only Japanese Wagyu beef can be sliced thinly without being frozen and that by simply washing "Wagyu in Kombu water, it makes the flavor 10 times better.”  

To see the previous videos in this series, click: https://www.jetro.go.jp/usa/topics/new-video-series-japanese-wagyu-by-the-embassy-of-japan.html