CES 2022: JETRO to Showcase 52 Rising Startups at Japan Pavilion

Dec 23, 2021

Explore the latest in Japanese innovation in-person & online at CES 2022!


Wednesday - Saturday
January 5-8, 2022 (PDT)
** Digital Venue available until January 31, 2022

Monday - Tuesday
January 3-4, 2022 (PDT)


Tech East & Tech West in Las Vegas & Online

* CES takes place across 11 different venues in Las Vegas. Please see the above link for more information about show locations.

** Digital-only registration option is available.



JETRO is sponsoring the JAPAN Pavilion (J-Startup Pavilion) at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2022 in Las Vegas from January 5th to 8th to showcase the future of Japanese innovation.

40 startups will exhibit at "Eureka Park" - Tech West, Venetian Expo, Level 1, Hall G and Meeting Rooms at Booth 62102.

12 more startups will display upstairs at the "Country Pavilions" - Tech West, Venetian Expo, Level 2, Halls A-C, Venetian Ballroom and Meeting Rooms at Booth 51127.

The CES 2022 digital venue is also available through January 31th for virtual and further interactions.

JETRO's J-Startup Program, which mentors and provides the necessary resources for Japanese startups to succeed in the global market, is also helping with the showcase. Companies associated with the program have “J-Startup” next to their names.

Of the 52 startups, 6 won CES 2022 Innovation Awards. The CES Innovation Awards program recognizes exceptional designs and engineering in the field of consumer technology products and honors those in an annual competition.

14 startups will present at CES Unveiled (Jan. 3, 5-8:30 p.m., Mandalay Bay, Level 2). CES Unveiled attracts over 1,500 media sources and features the latest products and trends leading up to CES including the Best of Innovation Award Nominees.

20 will also present at Showstoppers® (Jan. 5, 6-10 p.m., Wynn Hotel). ShowStoppers invites more than 1000 journalists, media, analysts, and industry leaders to exhibit the most innovative future technologies at CES 2022 in a 4 hour invitation-only media event.

To download a full list of participating startups, please go HERE.

Eureka Park

| J-Startup Showstoppers®

ArchiTek Intelligence®, a proprietary image processing architecture, combines with AiOnIc - a 12 nm fabrication process - to deliver a de facto standard SoC for secure edge-to-edge computing

First Ascent | J-Startup CES Unveiled Showstoppers®
FirstAscent, a BabyTech startup, uses big data for childcare. It’s developing “ainenne,” the world’s first AI-powered sleep training device that won the CES 2021 Innovation Award. It can give recommended wake-up times from sleep records and analyze emotions from baby's cries.

I'm beside you | J-Startup CES Unveiled Showstoppers®

I'm beside you enhances online communication through the use of multimodal AI analytics. It continuously observes individuals' reactions online, capturing changes in tone, facial expression, and more, to help improve communication and performance, whether in school, for business, etc.

Kotozna | J-Startup Showstoppers®

Kotozna provides SaaS solutions which eliminate language barriers in the hospitality industry. Multilingual chat and digitized hotel information powered by customized machine translation engines facilitate communication between hotel staff and guests, leading to increased revenues and reduced operation costs

SkyDrive | J-Startup CES Unveiled
SkyDrive is the world’s smallest class electric “flying car” that requires no runway. Exceptionally stable vertical takeoff and landing enables efficient chauffeuring or emergency rescue anywhere. Tested for manned flight. Showcasing SD-03 while developing SD-05, an autonomous model eyed as an air taxi for the World Expo 2025 in Osaka.

Air Labo | CES 2022 Innovation Award Showstoppers®

Air Labo aims to change the hygienic environment of the world with the suction type hand dryer CIRCULA. Traditional blowoff hand dryers accelerate aerosol conditions. CIRCULA, which dries after washing hands without scattering water droplets, improves the world's sanitary environment.

Alchemist Material

Alchemist Material combines matured Japanese material engineering and advanced IT technology in Silicon Valley to achieve a circular economy. They collect plastic waste such as clothes via their IT recycle platform and converts them into Hydrogen.

SwipeVideo is a proprietary patented software that allows you to live-stream or archive stream multi-angle video over any web browser.

Archelis | CES Unveiled Showstoppers®

Archelis will demonstrate its exoskeleton assist suits that enable wearers to move around freely and to “sit” (rest) while technically standing. Designed to safeguard workers against back/leg aches from many hours of standing, the suits are now being used at some of Japan’s major hospitals and manufacturing facilities.

AXELL | CES Unveiled Showstoppers®
Enjoy a new form of entertainment that combines traditional sports and games! No matter where you are, you can have a healthy and active lifestyle while having fun with DENDAMA! The app includes a variety of games to play solo or in versus mode against players around the world.


Burai's mission is to make the world a better place with Triple D, which can transform paper-driven legacy procedures into hassle free data-driven experiences.

Cellid | Showstoppers®

A display module for AR glasses consisting of 60-degree FoV waveguide and 1.0 cc size projector. It is an epoch-making product successfully achieving both wide FoV and downsizing simultaneously. The design of the waveguide is simple enough to be feasible for mass production. The very compact projector can give more flexibility in design of AR glasses.

Hatch-Pot VR is a service that distributes VR-MANGA creation tools and a content delivery platform. Just enter the lines and writings as if you were writing a script, and AI will automatically generate it. By using "Hatch-Pot VR", you can quickly send out a large volume of content such as VR-MANGA.

Engineerforce are developing a DX tool for software engineers to create estimates. By saving tasks, you can improve the accuracy of your estimates and share knowledge with your team. In addition, all the historical data is stored, so you don't have to search around the spreadsheets on the server anymore.

Fairy Devices | CES 2022 Innovation Award CES Unveiled Showstoppers®
LINKLET is 4G/LTE-embedded wearable wide angle camera. By directly connecting to Zoom/Microsoft Teams via a hands-free wearable device, it improves one-to-many communication in the first person view, enabling 100+ experts and audience to see over your shoulder.

Hello Space
Hello Space will launch the "Smart E-bike" equipped with the world's first new power generation method "Mag Power Booster" that requires no external charging.

iDevice is developing ventilation masks that provide comfortable sealing and prevent skin injuries. Their masks transform to fit the face with a special accordion structure. They fit softly on any face as if tailor-made and help prevent skin injuries.

Imuzak is developing a new lens that converts a 2D image into 3D by simply placing the lens in front of the LCD panel. They are manufacturing the lens by using their own mold processing technology.

Kashika provides a [KatachiSpace] that gives the product a presence through the screen with AR. They are developing technology that can create 3D models from image data taken with a smartphone and convert and display it into data that can be displayed in AR.

kiwami have developed a small hologram-type smart signage "HoloVase" with the concept of "a clerk who can put it on the product shelf". It is small and low cost, and can be installed in various places. Their aim is to create a world where everyday life with touchable holograms is commonplace.

Kyoto Meditation Center
Enjoy beautiful videos of Zen locations (sight and sound) while mindfully enjoying a cup of tea (smell, taste, touch). In just 5-10 minutes, customers will efficiently refresh their minds.

Carbon Battery Cambrian is a rare metal-free, sustainable battery that uses an original plant-derived carbon. Since there are no risks of explosion, it can charge 10 times faster, and it has a life of more than 10 years. It has already been installed in electric bicycles and storage.

Langualess | CES Unveiled
Langualess provides dog care services based on dogs' emotion data to dog parents, enabled by their patented heartrate-sensing and analysis technology (service name is "INUPATHY") .

Light Touch Technology | CES 2022 Innovation Award Showstoppers®

Light Touch Technology have developed a prototype blood glucose sensor that can measure blood sugar levels without drawing blood. The small sensor shines a laser, and by pointing that laser at your fingertip, it completes its measurement in a matter of seconds. You feel no pain nor heat from the laser.

LiLz | CES Unveiled Showstoppers®

LiLz Gauge is a service based on ultra low power consumption IoT cameras and machine learning that allows workers in industries ranging from health services to hospitality to manufacturing to spend less time on visual inspections, so they can focus on more creative aspects of their job.

Mirai Scien provides an app "Pest Diagnosis AI & Cultivation SNS SCIBAI" that allows you to identify pests on vegetables just by taking a picture and to consult with the online community about your daily cultivation problems. Innovate food production by growing vegetables by yourself.


NOVENINE develops products from the perspective of dentistry, because "prevention is better than a cure". They provide comprehensive solutions to protect oral health, such as “SMASH” - a smart toothbrush with sensor for breath that encourages people to change their behaviors.

Parity Innovations

Parity Innovations is developing floating image technology that can make virtual objects appear in real space, and aims to change the world by augmenting the physical world itself. Parity Mirror 300 enables aerial imaging of a 10-inch screen, and produces a touchless UI for COVID-19 infection prevention.


A smart cash register that enables hands-free point-of-sale and payment by placing a smartphone in a pocket or bag. This will improve labor efficiency by reducing the time spent on payment at the cash register, and it will also enable hassle-free authentication and payment for customers.

Piezo Sonic | CES 2022 Innovation Award

Piezo Sonic provides high-torque motors for support robots and robotic devices that utilize these motors. The AMR: Mighty will be integrated into people's lives as a shopping support robot, and will realize new logistics in urban areas, hospitals, commercial facilities, and multistory apartments.

pop Inc.

The promise of popCamera™ technology is a world where everyone from children to seniors, people carrying bags or babies or who have long fingernails can easily pop out a perfect shot with one-hand. Simply back tapping of the device activates the camera shutter, while AI optimizes the resulting shot.

Quantum Operation Inc. | CES 2022 Innovation Award CES Unveiled Showstoppers®

Quantum Operation Inc. are developing the world's first wearable, non-invasive, continuous blood glucose monitoring device without needles. With their glucose sensor, you can monitor glucose continuously and free from pain and worry.


RABO's Catlog series offer products built on unique cat-centered technology that focuses on the wellness of cats – because nine lives is never enough.

SpoLive Interactive

SpoLive is a live sports streaming platform that teams can use to increase fan engagement during games. Fans can interact with players, cheer virtually for their team as displayed on the stadium’s screen, purchase special contents/goods, etc., all while enjoying an ultra-low latency livecast (10 times faster than YouTube).


SteraVision's proprietary MultiPol with FMCW method enables machinery to scan difficult to see areas, ”Making the Invisible Visible". Their LiDAR can adapt to Lv4/5 autonomous driving, and also many kinds of FA and Robotics systems.


An ER training robot that provides a realistic experience of life-saving emergency responses. The body is soft like a human's, and it can express symptoms like: sudden body movements, change in face and eye color, heart and respiratory sounds, and more. It can also be used to practice blood sampling.

toraru co.,ltd. | CES Unveiled
toraru develops and operates GENCHI, a human-resource matching platform that connects those who cannot travel to their desired destinations anywhere in Japan with locals who can perform the requested tasks for them. Both parties would communicate electronically.

Vanguard Industries | CES Unveiled Showstoppers®

Moflin is an AI Pet that possesses emotional capabilities to evolve like living animals. With its warm soft fur, cute sounds, and adorable movement, you’ll want to love it forever.

WACHA communicates the joy of the Japanese tea ceremony known as Sado and Japanese culture to the world through communication with "SennoRobi," a Sado tutor robot dressed as the greatest Tea Master Sen no Rikyu. Participants will acquire the basic rules and knowledge of Sado simply by enjoying matcha with "SennoRobi".


A 24/7 anonymous specialist-consulting platform for cancer patients and families.

Country Pavilions

asilla | J-Startup Showstoppers®
Asilla video anomaly detection solution can give you a real time alert when an unusual event occurs in your facilities even when you have hundreds of cameras. This enables your staff to identify and respond to potential security threats as quickly as possible, which can enhance the value of your facilities.

Global Mobility Service | J-Startup Showstoppers®

There are 1.7 billion people worldwide who cannot reach financial services. They are too helpless to acquire mobility-related jobs. GMS creates jobs by providing loan opportunities to own mobility to work through their Mobility Service Platform and their IoT device (MCCS) to improve living standards

Idein | J-Startup CES Unveiled Showstoppers®

Idein creates and develops advanced AI / IoT technology. Milsil is the AI Driven Surveillance Camera, which lets you store videos on a cloud for 30 days and use top level AI based analyzing tools. Milsil will soon be updated with home use apps through the edge AI platform Actcast.

mercari | J-Startup

Mercari R4D is researching Poimo, an electric mobility solution with an inflatable body that provides safety, can be used anywhere, and can be made in various body shapes at low cost. Poimo can be used not only as a one-mile mobility option, but also as an inclusive mobility solution to improve our daily lives.

rapyuta robotics | J-Startup Showstoppers®

Rapyuta Robotics created the cloud robotics platform “rapyuta.io”. Based on their core purpose "Empowering Lives with Connected Machines”, they believe that dirty, dull, and dangerous work should be automated. Their picking assist robot that can be installed by utilizing existing shelves and people.

Triple W Japan | J-Startup Showstoppers®

DFree is the first wearable device to predict when you need to go to the bathroom.

YUKAI Engineering | J-Startup CES Unveiled Showstoppers®

Yukai Engineering is a Tokyo-based robotics startup specializing in robots that bring joy to life. Award-winning products include "Qoobo" the tail-wagging therapeutic pillow, and "BOCCO," the family communication robot. "BOCCO emo," the next-generation model of "BOCCO," keeps families connected by facilitating communication between family members.


Doog makes next generation mobile robots "Thouzer" that are able to move safely, flexibly, and reliably. Doog's robotics technology help to solve problems such as labor shortages in the logistics industry and reducing the burden on on-site workers.


FutuRocket is developing easy-to-use IoT hardware with helpful applications for small business owners. Including "ManaCam," a plug and play smart AI camera that enables a business to monitor its foot traffic, a key strategizing tool especially in the COVID-19 era.

mui Lab | CES 2022 Innovation Award CES Unveiled Showstoppers®

mui Lab is a Calm Technology startup specializing in designing IoT interfaces that enable “calm” digital living. Drawing inspiration from Taoism, mui Lab strives to create a harmony among humans, information technology and nature.

nextEDGE Technology K.K.

"aeroTAP", a touchless interface system that makes existing systems touchless without the need for special development or modification, with the help of nextEDGE’s unique 3D USB camera. Low CPU consumption and no high spec PC required.

Virtual Window

Virtualwindow is a wall-mounted window gadget that can help enrich your life. It is not just a device to display photos or videos, but a platform to provide a special experience (XR experience) that makes you feel as if there is another world on the other side of the window.


Consumer Technology Association (https://www.ces.tech/)

J-Startup (https://www.j-startup.go.jp/en/)

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) (https://www.jetro.go.jp/usa/)

For more information, or to schedule a meeting with one of the Japanese exhibitors, contact Kanon Miyahara at startup@jetro.go.jp

For more information on CES 2022, visit their homepage HERE.