Spotlight Newsletter (2015-02)

Spotlight Newsletter


Special Features of Japanese Companies Coming to Game Connection America 2015

From March 2nd, 2015 through March 5th, 2015, many Japanese game developers will gather at the Game Connection America 2015 in San Francisco to seek partnerships and collaboration opportunities with other game developers and publishers from around the world.

Some of the featuring companies include:

1. Compile Heart

2. CyberStep

3. Live2D


Access to relevant Japanese industry and city information is critical when deciding to expand a business in/with Japan. Find our recent reports in select sectors and cities that may provide your company with competitive edge it needs to be successful.

Industry Highlights: Mobile / Internet (February 2015) (PDF, 615KB)

*Mobile Operator landscape
(1) Second Brand Strategy

*Mobile Devices

*Internet of Things

Industry Highlights: Energy (February 2015) (PDF, 634KB)

*Policy Regulation
(1) Gas Market Liberalization
(2) Reform of the Electricity System

*Competitive Landscape

*Adoption and Development
(1) Adoption
(2) Developments

Local Report: Hiroshima City - Hiroshima Prefecture (February 2015) (PDF, 716KB)

*The city at a glance
(1) Transportation
(2) Seaport

*The economy of Nagoya
(1) New Town

*Measures to attract business
(1) Incentives at the City Level
(2) Incentives at the Prefecture level

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