Spotlight Newsletter (2014-12)

Spotlight Newsletter


Results of JETRO’s 2014 Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese-Affiliated Firms in the US and Canada

From September 3rd, 2014 through October 17th, 2014, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) conducted its latest surveys on Japanese-affiliated firms (manufacturers in the US and both manufacturers and non-manufacturers in Canada). 669 valid replies were received from firms in the US (a 65.8% response rate) out of 1,016 to whom we sent questionnaires, while 136 replies were received for the Canada survey (a 58.4% response rate) out of 233. The question items covered areas including:

1.Status of operations
2.Future business outlook
3.Responses to changing business environment

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Access to relevant Japanese industry and city information is critical when deciding to expand a business in/with Japan. Find our recent reports in select sectors and cities that may provide your company with competitive edge it needs to be successful.

Industry Highlights: Automobile (October - December 2014) (PDF, 568KB)

*Competitive landscape

*Recent announcements:
(1) Advancements of lithium ion batteries
(2) Developments of fuel cell distribution
(3) Retail price of hydrogen

*Policies and regulations

Industry Highlights: Food and Restaurants (October - December, 2014) (PDF, 588KB)

*Dominant restaurant chains
*Low price restaurants
*New opening

Local Report: Nagoya City - Aichi Prefecture (December 2014) (PDF, 568KB)

*The city at a glance
*The economy of Nagoya
*Measures to attract business

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