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Harnessing Japan's startup potential in the Chicago market!

Due to the Midwest's history of manufacturing, the region has a wealth of experienced "monozukuri" (manufacturing) with long-term perspectives and a good eye for quality materials, including B2B industries that are not widely recognized by the general public. It is home to the world's largest futures market and ranks high in Deloitte's global fintech center rankings (5th in 2019). In 2019, German logistics company, DHL set up its first innovation center in the US. About a quarter of Illinois' university startups are in the healthcare sector. Israeli and Canadian healthcare companies are also using Chicago as a window to enter the US market.


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Located in Minnesota, Medical Alley is the Midwest's hub for leading healthcare companies like Medtronic, 3M, the Mayo Clinic. Minnesota has a history of medical innovation as birthplace open heart surgeries, the pacemaker, prosthetic heart valves, collaborative care, and innovative health plan models. Recognized as one of the six “Great Places of Invention” in the United States by the Smithsonian, Medical Alley stands out as the sole representative from the healthcare field. Its membership includes top-ranked hospitals and other healthcare related organizations.

As Chicago's largest incubator/accelerator, 1871 serves as a foundational element in the local ecosystem. Currently, it boasts approximately 500 startup members. With four venture capital (VC) firms headquartered there, it maintains connections with over 350 corporate venture capitalists (CVCs) and angel investors.

The incubator offers a variety of acceleration programs, tailoring its support to startups focused on supply chain-related innovations. From seed-stage companies to those expanding their organizational presence in Chicago, this incubator provides assistance aligned with each company’s growth trajectory. Notably, it stands out as a rare accelerator in the United States, offering tailored support programs across all stages of development.