4.1 Application of Laws

Section 4: Human Resource Management


This section covers Japan’s labor laws and regulations. Topics include recruitment, employment contracts, wages, working hours, work rules, workplace safety, hygiene requirements, resignation and dismissal procedures, and Japan’s social security, health, and pension systems.


4.1  Application of Laws

4.2  Recruitment

4.3  Labor Contracts

4.4  Wages

4.5  Legislation on Working Hours, Breaks, and Days Off

4.6  Work Rules

4.7  Safety and Hygiene

4.8  Resignation and Dismissal

4.9  Japan’s Social Security System


4.1  Application of Laws

Japan has a number of laws pertaining to labor and the protection of workers. These include: the Labor Standards Act which sets forth the minimum standards on working conditions; the Industrial Safety and Health Act which sets forth the minimum standards on working conditions regarding health and safety; and the Minimum Wage Act. These laws apply in principle to all enterprises in Japan, regardless of whether the employer is Japanese or foreign, or the company is a foreign or Japanese-registered corporation. They also apply to foreign workers in Japan provided that the foreign workers meet the definition of workers under these laws.