Online business matching for Europe-based Japanese startups

Jan 25, 2021

Schedule: January - March 2021

Venue: Online

Language: English

Participation fee: Free (registration necessary)



JETRO will organise business match-making between Japanese startups in Europe and European companies. This project will comprise of Japanese startups who are eager to explore collaborative opportunities with European players. JETRO and the international consulting agency will create a long list of matching companies to suit your demands, and will provide tailor-made business matching opportunities for each startup.

(please note that companies without a presence in Europe are not eligible).


 Register your interest here (free of charge).

 We will stop accepting applications once all the places are taken.

 To apply, or for further details, please contact the Investment Team at JETRO London.


Contact: Naoya Yoshizumi




スケジュール:  20211月~3

方法: オンライン

言語: 英語

参加料: 無料 (登録が必要となります)









担当:JETROロンドン インベストメントチーム 吉住