January 16, 2014

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On the 16th January, 2014, JETRO and UKTI hosted“Arrows to Japan: The Road to Business Success”at the BIS Conference Centre in London. We were very happy to welcome a variety of guest speakers, including Ryosei Tanaka, Parliamentary vice Minister at the Ministry of Trade, Economy and Industry (METI), who were able to reveal the latest government incentives for businesses looking to set up in Japan. There were also presentations from British companies who have already experienced success in the Japanese market as well as speakers from BIS and CBI in the UK. Our aim with this symposium was to give the latest overview of the Japanese market as well as advertise Japan as a location for business expansion. The event marked 400 years of business collaboration between Great Britain and Japan. The symposium was a great success, with many attendees who gave positive feedback. We wish to thank everyone who attended and contributed to the afternoon.

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Miss. Paula Freedman, Director for Developed Markets and the Americas, UK Trade & Investment

Opening Remarks
Mr. Martin Donnelly, the Permanent Secretary for the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills
Mr. Tsuneyuki Kato, Executive Vice President, JETRO
Keynote Speech “Deepening Business Relationship between Japan and the UK/EU - Japan as Business Partner”
Dr. Neil Bentley, Deputy Director General and Chief Operating Officer, The Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

Session1: Emerging Business Opportunities and Incentives in Japan
Greeting from the Japanese Government
Mr. Ryosei Tanaka, Parliamentary Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Presentation “Invest in Japan - Japan's Advantages and FDI Facilitation”
Mr. O Tasaki, Deputy Director, Trade and Investment Facilitation Division, Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
Presentation “Tokyo: Gateway to the Growing Asian Market”
Ms. Noriko Adachi, Director for Asian Headquarters Special Zone, Headquarters of the Governor of Tokyo

Session2: UK companies’ Case Studies in Doing Business in/with Japan
Presentations and Panel Discussion
Moderator: Mr. Jun Arima, Director General, JETRO London
Mr. Steve Crane, Founder and CEO, Business Link Japan Ltd.
Dr. Michael Murphy, Managing Director, Pacific Rim, CiDRA Ltd.
Mr. Steve Whitley, Managing Director, Data Harvest Group Ltd.
Mr. David Green, Managing Director, COMERCIA Ltd. (Formerly Commercial Director, ICON)

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