Feb 24, 2022




JETRO Co-Hosts Online Event on Next Generation Networks


On February 24, JETRO co-hosted an online pitch event titled "Next Generation Networks (Beyond 5G)" with SETsquared Partnership (*1) to promote collaboration between Japanese and British companies in the field of next-generation telecommunications

In his keynote speech, David Ryder, Director of IoT (Internet of Things) Technology, Product and Business Development at KDDI Europe, introduced the company's 5G (5th generation mobile communication system) and its initiatives in open innovation.

The following companies took the stage to pitch UK startups, explaining their latest initiatives, including new business models and streaming technologies.

  • ・Mafic, who are developing "Safeguard," an IoT device that can be attached to helmets and other equipment to improve safety and productivity in manufacturing, construction, and other workplaces by using machine learning to understand manual operations such as welding, grinding, and machine operation.
  • ・Amatelus, a developer of SwipeVideo, a technology that allows users to view video captured by multiple cameras by swiping (touching the screen of a smartphone or other device with a finger and sliding it up, down, left or right) to freely switch perspectives.
  • ・Beam Connectivity, who are developing a CVaaS (*2) platform that connects vehicles, the cloud, IT infrastructure, and mobile applications.
  • ・Accelercomm, who are developing communication channel coding technology (*3)
  • ・Novocomms, a developer of antenna technology for next-generation communications.

A panel on investment trends discussed the future of 5G and what investments will be made in the future. Rina Koo, Investment Director at Global Brain, highlighted investment opportunities in cloud computing (*4) and supply chain and production optimization. She also introduced IoT, smart devices, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), as well as metaverse (virtual reality space), which will play a very important role, as they are experiencing significant growth.

During a panel on innovation trends, Stephen Myers, head of SETsquared's Scale-Up Program, said, "The UK government is opening up the country's (telecommunications) infrastructure, and the diversity of vendors (suppliers) in this area is an opportunity.” “Over the past year, major telecommunications companies and mobile network operators have been looking to the low earth orbit satellite industry to obtain bandwidth in space," said Adam Price, vice president of Spirent, a provider of testing and other services for networks.

Finally, Masahide Sakishige, Deputy Director of JETRO's London office, spoke of his desire to cooperate and promote the full potential of new technologies in the U.K. and Japan.

(*1) An incubator network that supports technology transfer and spin-out companies from six leading British universities.

(*2) Abbreviation for Connected Vehicle as a Service. A connected car as a service [a car that functions as an ICT (information and communication technology) terminal].

(*3) Technology to reduce errors in reception due to noise, etc.

(*4) Remote use of computing services (servers, storage, databases, networks, etc.) via the Internet or other communications networks.

(*5) A range of frequencies used for communication, etc.