Business Opportunities

Business Matching Database (Trade Tie-up Promotion Program-TTPP) of JETRO

Trade Tie-up Promotion Program-TTPP
By registering your company information and posting your own proposals, you can reach out to potential business partners (importers, exporters, investors, sales agents, etc.) in Japan and internationally.

How to use this database:

1.First, you have to register as a user of this database.
You can see the TTPP registration manualPDF(933KB)
2.After you finish registration, an email will be sent to you informing your ID and password so that you can log in this database.
3.Once registered on the TTPP, you can:
-Post your business proposals on the web;
-Search business proposals from various countries, view the counterparts’ contact info and send email by contact forms to them through the internet.

The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Database

Standard Trade Index of JapanExternal site: a new window will open.
This database is to help enterprises find out Japanese partners, who are members of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This database can be searchable by Name/Product/Category.

How to use this database:

For example, if you are a company trading flowers and you want to look for Japanese importers. Please follow these steps:

1.Open Standard Trade Index of JapanExternal site: a new window will open.
2.Click on Product/Service/Technology
3.Enter the key word “Flower” in the search box
4.In the main area of interest, select “Import” and then click “Search”
5.Some results will appear on the screen, click on the name of company and you will see detailed information including specific business area, main area of interest, contact information, representative…of that company.