Support Vietnam - Japan Business Activities

JETRO Hanoi has been cooperating with Vietnamese Governmental organizations and other relevant agencies to hold exhibitions, biz matchings, seminars and events in order to promote bilateral trade relations between the two countries Vietnam and Japan.

They are:

1. Invite Vietnamese buyers including traders and makers which are operating in food-foodstuff, seafood, beverage, confectionery, machinery and equipment etc. to attend specialized trade fairs and exhibitions in prefectures and cities of Japan and at the same time to meet with Japanese companies there for detailed discussions.

2. Invite official from VIETRADE to attend Asian Trade Promotion Forum (ATPF) – Working Level Meeting in Japan every year.

3. Hold Biz Matchings with Vietnamese Companies in Vietnam

4. Hold Seminars “Guiding to Differentiate Genuine and Counterfeited Goods” in Vietnam

5. Strengthen Supporting Industry (SI) for Both Vietnamese and Japanese Enterprises