Toyama x Oregon Sister-State 30th Anniversary & Business Promotion Event

Sep 16, 2022

September 27-28, 2022
4:30-6:30 PM (PDT)

B2B Meetings
Anytime after the event via 'JAPAN STREET' provided by JETRO

Online (Zoom)

English-Japanese (simultaneous interpretation)

Business Oregon,
Toyama Prefectural Government

JETRO San Francisco
JETRO Toyama



Business Oregon and the Toyama prefectural government are co-hosting an online Meet-and-Greet event on September 27-28.

This event was developed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the friendly relationship between Oregon and Toyama, and also to promote trade and economic exchanges by fostering mutual understanding, as outlined in the MoU (memorandum of understanding) signed by the governors of Oregon and Toyama on August 4th, 2022.

JETRO will execute the event and provide opportunities for online business meetings with Toyama companies listed on our catalogue via ‘JAPAN STREET’ anytime after the event.


Companies, sole proprietors, public institutions, research institutes, etc. in Oregon or Toyama Prefecture

FREE *Registration Required*

September 26, 2022 @ 5:00PM (PDT)

DAY 1 Shaping Future Collaboration in the Manufacturing Industry’


Tuesday, September 27, 2022 from 4:30-6:30PM PDT



Manufacturing or trade companies involved with machinery, automobiles, precision machinery, electronics & electrical machinery, casting and mold, metal processing, plastics, aluminum, products, IT, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.



Trade and investment, R&D



4:30-4:40PM  Message from the organizer

Hitoshi Nakaya, Director-General, Commerce, Industry & Labor Dept., Toyama Pref. Gov

Amanda Welker, Manager Global Strategies & Recruitment, Business Oregon

4:40-4:45PM  Introduction of the event

Daisuke Takamura, Chief Director, JETRO Toyama

4:45-5:15PM  Keynote Speeches

“The cutting edge of aluminum material research”

Toshiya Shibayanagi, Ph.D, Professor, University of Toyama

“Advancing Industry Collaboration & Research with OMIC” 

Craig Campbell, Executive Director, Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center Research & Development (OMIC R&D)

5:15-5:40PM  Presentation by Toyama companies


Akiteru Tsuji, President

Kitamura Machinery of USA

Slawomir SWIERCZEK, Assistant Sales Manager

Presentation by Oregon companies (TBD)

5:40-6:20PM  Q&A session & small networking in breakout rooms (interpretation provided)

6:20-6:25PM  Summary

Steve Thompson, Global Trade Specialist, Business Oregon

Chiaki Nakagawa, Group Leader, Trade and Logistics Sector, Toyama Pref. Gov

6:25-6:30PM  Introduction to online business meetings using JETRO's JAPAN STREET

Yuki Ishibashi, Director, JETRO San Francisco


 DAY 2 Discovering Attractive Foods and Craftworks from Toyama’


Wednesday, September 28, 2022 4:30-6:30PM PDT



Craftworks, Food, alcohol, etc.



Trades, Sales Agents, Franchises, etc.



4:30-4:35PM  Introduction of the event

Daisuke Takamura, Chief Director, JETRO Toyama


4:35-4:55PM  Presentation from Oregon companies (importers or distributors) (TBD)

Q&A session (only one room, with simultaneous interpretation)


4:55-5:25PM  Presentation from Toyama companies (Food & Sake)


Kenji Yoshida, President

Tentakaku Co.,Ltd. (RAMEN)

Kiyoshi Kurihara, Representative Director and President

Yamagen Jouzou Co., Ltd. (soybean paste, soy sauces, and related food seasonings)

Yasuhiro Tachinami, Sales Department Chief

Q&A session (only one room, with simultaneous interpretation)


5:25-6:05PM  Presentation from Toyama companies (Craftworks)

Authentic Japan Shunme (shikki lacquerware, tableware, decorative objects)

Yukino Shunme

Kawashima Tategu CO., LTD. (wooden fittings)

Fuko Fujii, International Business Department

MIYAZU Co.Ltd. (tea utensils)

Takeshi Miyazu, CEO

NAGAE Ltd. (home accessories processed by aluminum, zinc and brass)

Megumi Tsujitani, Overseas Business Department

6:05-6:15PM  Introduction to online business meetings using JETRO's ‘JAPAN STREET’

Yuki Ishibashi, Director, JETRO San Francisco

6:15-6:20PM  Open Discussion (voluntary)


Toshiya Shibayanagi, Ph.D, Professor, University of Toyama

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Japan imports smelted aluminum from abroad, and about 4 million tons of aluminum products are manufactured annually, which are used for currency, tableware, bicycles, automobiles, trains, aircraft, building materials such as aluminum chassis, and bridges, which means  that the field in which aluminum can be applied is expanding more and more. In this regard, Toyama has been long-established  in the aluminum industry-government-academic cooperation system, so it can be said that it is an area well known for aluminum.

The University of Toyama's Advanced Aluminum Research Center (ARC) was founded and has been conducting activities as a nationwide joint use and joint research base from the International Research Center attached to the Faculty of Engineering from April 2021 to April 2022, as a predecessor of the Advanced Materials International Research Center.

ARC is a research institute specializing in aluminum, but as a member of ILM, magnesium and titanium are also its research subjects. In addition, we are building a comprehensive technology development system in cooperation with researchers and engineers inside and outside of the university, with the main research task of recycling technology development research . ARC is establishing a consistent research system necessary for aluminum research, such as classification, refining, removal of impurities, alloy design, casting, heat treatment, forming processing, welding, and surface treatment. In addition, we are promoting collaboration with material conversion researchers targeting hydrogen and carbon dioxide and are comprehensively working on environmental issues.

Craig Campbell, Executive Director, Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center Research & DevelopmentOMIC R&D

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Advancing Industry Collaboration & Research

We are scientists, engineers, industry leaders and academic experts in search of innovations for metals manufacturing. We experiment, discover, and learn together in a world-class applied research and development facility.

Our vision is to provide solutions to metals and other manufacturing challenges while preparing the industry’s workforce through on-the-job learning and serving as a catalyst for regional economic prosperity.


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We provide a  wide range of products, including water jet cutters, parts washers, pumps, drilling/tapping units, small machining centers, wet pulverization devices, burnishing tools, industrial robots, and biomass nanofibers, a new material. , contributing to the development of diverse industries around the world.


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Kitamura Machinery is celebrating its 89th anniversary this year as the only manufacturer specializing in machining center in Japan. Utilizing a network of more than 80 distributors in 52 countries around the world, our machines  used in Europe, the United States, Asia and Oceania, and are  always highly evaluated. This is also reflected in our  high export ratio of major customers (30% in Japan and 70% overseas). In addition, the service personnel of the distributors who are well trained in each country perform maintenance and repairs to provide prompt support. We have a wide range of products from vertical, horizontal, double column and 5-axis machining centers. From the full lineup of ultra-small machines for processing medical parts and communication equipment parts, dies for automobiles and construction machinery, and models for processing large workpieces over 2,000mm such as ship parts, we will propose the most suitable one for you. “High precision and high rigidity" is the greatest feature of our machining center.


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We are a "domain," which means that we complete all sake-making processes by ourselves. We continue to be a domain as we cultivate sake rice in our own rice fields, which are enriched with water from the Jinzu River, and gently polish it. The  sake is then brewed with groundwater from the Takayama mountain range by skilled master brewers.  Our “Kisaki series” is a true masterpiece of sake made by our own hands and crafted to perfection.

Tentakaku Co.,Ltd.

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Our company name is "Tentakaku, Co., Ltd." Japan, headquartered in Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture, and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Our main businesses are the management of ramen shops, mail-order and product sales, consulting, and event businesses. Our  main achievement is placing top in sales in Japan five times at the "Tokyo Ramen Show", the largest ramen festival in Japan. We have been evaluated by public institutions, including being awarded the "Toyama Governor's Award" for our  social contribution. Currently, we are developing 11 ramen shops in Japan and overseas. Although the number of our stores is still small, all of our stores have been well received by a large number of customers .

Yamagen Jouzou Co., Ltd.

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Our company was founded in 1772 during the Edo Period as a koji shop  in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. The place where our factory is located has abundant clean water flowing from snowmelt from the Tateyama Mountain Range, and also has  rich agricultural products. We continue to produce fermented foods utilizing traditional techniques, high-quality ingredients, and the natural climate.

Authentic Japan Shunme

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We produce authentic Japanese shikki.
All of the articles in Authentic Japan Shunme are made through traditional production process with totally natural materials such as urushi, wooden base, diatomaceous earth powder and rice powder. Nunokise is applied to specific items to increase the durability of them.
Nowadays, it is getting rare to find this kind of shikki even in Japan. Many Japanese traditional crafts have adopted those kinds of chemical paint such as synthetic resin coating or urethane coating instead of urushi as well as using the kinds of synthetic resin such as ABS plastic or the one filled with wood flour instead of genuine wood as a base of shikki.
Authentic Japan Shunme: Original Series provides authentic shikki. Graceful makie is embellished on each piece, which enhances its nobility. However, the body itself is already so beautiful that you can appreciate any piece of our original series with or without makie on it. The choice is yours.
We believe aesthetics of things you use as well as their quality is the crucial element for you to enjoy everyday life, so, knowing such aesthetics requires careful manufacturing with natural materials, we focus on the materials to be used and the production process to be got through, not to mention the artisans to be selected as skilled to work on them. When you see and touch them, you could feel the beauty emitted from within. Part of the culture, history, and spirit of Japan is revealed by each piece both instantly and over the years. We hope you will enjoy our beautiful shikki.

Kawashima Tategu CO., LTD.

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We are a joinery company founded in Tonami City, Toyama in 1933, with 2022 marking its  89th year. A technique of wooden fittings was introduced into Japan during the Asuka Period (538-710 A.D.), an era famous for contemporary architecture such as Horyuji Temple, which utilizes the traditional  decorative art called "Kumiko-Zaiku". Kumiko-Zaiku is a top-level  Japanese woodwork technique that shaves thin pieces of wood at the precision level of 0.01mm and creates various geometric designs by joining wood together without using nails. These traditional techniques, handed down from generation to generation by craftsmen, were registered as a  UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2020. We believe  that craftsmen  must continue to pass these techniques on to future generations as an important skill. However, due to the decrease in traditional Japanese-style rooms, opportunities to use Kumiko-Zaiku in houses are decreasing year by year, causing joinery craftsmen who can make Kumiko to  also decrease more and more. We value the technique of wooden fittings with more than 1000 years of history and take steps every day to keep protecting the techniques of Kumiko-Zaiku that can only be created by craftsmen.

We always strive  to keep improving the handicraft skills of craftsmen who  choose, saw, cut down, shave with precision notches, bend and carefully fit wood together. In addition, we take on various new challenges around producing wooden fittings using solid wood and oftenpropose new ideas.


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Since its establishment in 1938, our company has undergone a transition to flower utensils and tea utensils for 80 years. We have been selling tea utensils that makes the best use of the characteristics of metal by drawing from the strength of the production area of Takaoka copperware, mainly at tea utensils stores all over the country. This time, we are proposing a box garden-sized famous Japanese castle series as a decoration for adults, with asize is about 1/1000  size of about 5 cm. The castle tower is made of brass with  wax casting, and the stone wall is made of tin and partially sharpened to emphasize the texture of each metal. The series  currently includes 7  castles: Nagoya Castle (Chubu Region), Osaka Castle (Kinki Region), Himeji Castle (Kinki Region), Kumamoto Castle (Kyushu Region), Tsuruga Castle (Tohoku Region) Matsumoto Castle (Chubu Region), and Hiroshima Castle (Chugoku Region). Between these castles, you will have a complete lineup that covers all of Japan.


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NAGAE Ltd. is your one-stop supplier located in Takaoka City, Toyama, Japan. We have been die casting aluminum, zinc, and brass for over 60 years. We manufacture a range of original, OEM, and ODM products by controlling every phase of production, from design to assembly. Our original products offer home accessories that are a marriage of Japanese tradition and modern lifestyle. They are created using high-level metalworking techniques, which have been passed down among generations in Takaoka for 400 years.